Welcome to the Captain: One Big Dysfunctional Family

Welcome to the Captain's premiere came with hope for a fun new comedy, but also doubt as it came across a little too light.

Yet, with Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor, there had to be some quality right? Well, more like potential as far as the pilot went.

The main character, Josh Flug (Fran Kranz) was pleasantly disastrous, charming, and just different enough from the typical sweet, lovable guy sure to be the hook for any show to be refreshing.

Chris Klein's character, Marty Turner, on the other hand, is far from fresh. While Josh still seems to be grounded in the crazy world of LA, though a tad depressed, Marty is flying high in the sky of way over the top LA-ness. He's a flighty, ditzy jerk who doesn't even really have enough of a personality to technically call him a jerk. He's not quite airy enough to be the fun friend who's going to make Josh have fun again, but he's also not the solid one who's going to help Josh find actual happiness either.

While it seems Josh has potential to be a growing, interesting character, Marty's just a little too light to be enjoyable as of yet, though maybe there's still a little room to expand.

As for the plot, also a little light, but in the pilot we set up a love interest for Josh which is a typical but always intriguing hook, which is now complicated by the facts that Josh slept with the resident cougar, and his new crush, Hope, was going to move back home to New York, but then stayed, but then turned out to have a boyfriend back in New York.

So that should be fun, along with the definite gem of the show in Jeffrey Tambor who's playing the owner of this famed apartment building, The Captain, who insists on being called Uncle Saul by all his residents, and just hangs out with the apartment attendant, Jesus (yes pronounced like Jesus Christ).

There were some good laughs, some annoying moments, but most of all, a decision to give it another chance right at the end there when Uncle Saul and Jesus popped in on Josh the moment he got off the room-to-room phones with Hope, finding out she had a boyfriend.

And of course, they were there to comfort him about this news, showing these guys clearly have nothing better to do than listen in on the residents' phones and snoop around as much as possible... yet somehow they're very endearing and most definitely where our dumb but fun humor is going to lie for the show.

So, looks like this one isn't going to be the next Friends, but could certainly be good for some fun and laughs as it continues, so definitely one to give a chance.

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Welcome to the Captain: One Big Dysfunctional Family


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