Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami: Dead Man's Chest

Hooray! Chuck has finally brought us some wonderful, cheesy happiness! Oh wait, never mind.

The super-secret CIA agent ex-boyfriend has been kept alive in a huge steel case and he's back. Every time, man, every time.

I was glad to see for Chuck's sake that Lou wasn't an evil spy and actually did like him, but I was also glad to see end.

She's cute and all, but obviously we're all too invested in Chuck and Sarah to want Chuck to be happy with a normal person.

And now we know Sarah's true feelings for Chuck as she faced death... which seems a little odd considering she's a CIA agent who's seen a whole lot of crazy things in her days and could maybe realize that thing wasn't a bomb. But it served its purpose anyway of bringing out the truth and totally crushing it single-handedly!

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