Episode 2: Camel Milkamania!

The Amazing Race is a beautiful, touching show because it's about family, friends, and couples spending time bonding and seeing the world together.

And screaming while falling to the ground in a full 2-year-old-style meltdown when they can't milk a camel.

The best part besides a grown woman throwing an enormous fit was when Lorena finally finished and asked Jason if he still loved her.

Ever so kindly, he gave her a resounding, "Of course!" Yeah, as if she should doubt for a second that outburst might make him think of her differently.

But they brought the beauty and love back to the game as they made it to the finish line second to last, keeping them in the game, and he gave a mini-speech about how she's so "passionate" and competitive and that's why she was so emotional.

You know what, if he can handle that, she better propose to him now and tie things down already!

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