Greek Premiere: The First Cut is the Deepest

Greek has returned! Greek made a huge splash with its first season and made fans out of a whole lot of us, so it was great to have the very lovable characters back for round 2.

Season 1 wrapped up the first semester of the year, leaving everything in the Greek and relationship worlds in a complete disaster.

After Jen K. was revealed as the writer of the article outing many of the Greek secrets, we had to see our darling, sweet Rusty man up for his first break up and major heart break as he sent her packing.

It seemed like Jen really cared about Rusty, but I guess not enough to protect his sister and him safe from campus shunning and major punishment... ouch.

With some other evil plans in the works (by the name of Frannie), we were also left with Casey and Evan broken up, leaving us wondering just how broken hearted this would make Casey.

So, coming back to school, Casey was set on being over Evan and focusing on her new role as Zeta Beta Zeta president, while Rusty was set on doing some tragically pathetic (but totally unavoidable) first break-up pining. This led him to finally finding what he thought was a good enough excuse to go see Jen K. - the urgent need to return her barrette - only to get his heart crushed all over again as he found her waiting not for him, but for Chinese food with another guy.

Poor Rusty! And, to top it all off, he screwed up his snow machine duty for the carnival, so there was nothing to pelt the yeti with! Yeah... let's not work through the frat psychology quite yet. But of course, while the carnival should've been a good chance for Rusty to bond with his frat brothers and forget about Jen, it turned into another disaster for him making him feel worse.

The same fate fell on Casey as well as her sorority was shunned at the carnival since it's their fault the Greeks are in so much trouble, but then she got to realize she enjoys things such as kissing Cappie when his frat boys come to their rescue, but not Cappie then running after Rebecca Logan, and especially not Evan then walking up to de-sweetheart her for his frat.

Looks like healing from these break ups and mistakes is going to take more than a carnival.

Now for the rest of the season, it looks like we have plenty of drama to look forward to including a good punch from Cappie to Evan, some lingering feelings for Casey for both guys, and from both of them for her, but also with some more girl-shaped road blocks between them! As for Rusty's romance, well, that one seems more up in the air, but his future does seem to hold more public humiliation... super.

We'll be getting some Greek details from Rusty himself, Jacob Zachlar, so keep an eye out for a Get Reel Q&A coming soon!

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Greek Premiere: The First Cut is the Deepest


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