Comedy of the Week: Arrested Development's Side-Splitting Moments

Was there ever a sane Bluth moment on Arrested Development? If there was, I sure didn't like it. Here's my list of the some of the best Bluth moments ever, so comment with your own favs!

*Random Bluth chicken dances - the best one being when Lucille, George Sr., and Lindsay came in with their own dances towards Michael, then Gob comes running in thrilled - but much too late after everyone's all done with the dancin' - but Gob has his beak!

*Tobias breaking into fake blind lawyer Maggie Lizer's house and rolling around in her clothes, then hiding directly next to her - because, yeah, she's supposed to be blind and as long as she can't smell him - ha! And of course, he's a cat.

*Gob's act at George Sr.'s fake funeral - including disastrous side acts like him falling out of the trick coffin the wrong way - actually into the grave - and the coffin falling on top of him.

*Gob gets married (to his real life wife Amy Poehler) and can't get out of it because he would rather lie so he could say he'd slept with her than get out since the marriage wasn't consummated... and then later he's actually tricked into consummating the marriage.

*Michael and George Michael setting fire to the banana stand because it has consumed their lives... only to discover Gob didn't mail the insurance check on the hut AND George Sr. kept saying, "There's always money in the banana stand," because he hid $250,000 in the stand.

*George Sr.'s prison-joy montages - then even better, when Tobias comes in and takes over the hot shot spot as "Dorthy."

*Gob going into prison to prove he could escape with his magic - only to be unable to "extract" the key due to the lack of bathroom privacy... then calling Michael to save him with the stair car, but Michael comes on his bike, so Gob just jumps and falls on top of him.

*Gob keeping a frozen dead dove in the refrigerator - to return it to the pet shop, of course.

*George Michael's continuous realizations either that Maeby is definitely his cousin, and "oh god what have I done"... and the moments of "oh god, what could I do," when he discovers evidence she may not be his cousin.

*Gob mails Michael's letter - in anger, he tries to throw it into the ocean, but all he gets is the paper fluttering back at him again and again!

*The constant and utter terror inflicted on everyone around Buster after he loses his hand - to the blood-thirsty seal Gob released into the wild.

*Lucille's "intervention" in which everyone gets drunk before she gets there because they're afraid.

*Lucille yelling obscenities about Lucille 2, which she does at home because Lucille 2 lives next door, but at Micheal's house - where he kindly reminds his mother that Lucille 2 isn't next door when she's at that house.

*Michael tries to teach George Michael a lesson about pot smoking by bringing out "the Hot Cops" to scare him - then George Sr. brings back the one-armed man to turn it right into a lesson for Michael and Gob about teaching lessons!

Really, I could go on and on and on as I think through the incredible, side-splitting 3 seasons of this show, so I'll leave the rest to you! What are your favorite ridiculous Bluth mo


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Aug 7, 2008 11:57PM EDT

Pretty much any scene with Tobias in it.
"It appears that I have prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run and now have quite a mess on my hands""I suppose I'm 'buy-curious'""I can just taste those meaty leading man parts in my mouth""Let me just give you a banger in the mouth""I just blue myself"
And pretty much anything else he says. =]

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