Emily: History (and Future) in the Making

On Journeyman, Dan has tried to change things he wasn't meant to in the past, and he learned his lesson that it didn't work out. But on this week's episode, he just did it anyway.

And, hey, it looked like Livia was wrong! Dan not only saved Emily, the girl he was meant to follow, from a creepy kidnapper, but he was able to save the next girl the guy kidnapped as well plus get the guy arrested.

But Dan found out pretty quickly, when he ran into Jack who was finally coming around about Dan's condition, that he did change more than he thought.

Jack went back to being on the verge of having Dan committed... and now the kidnapper is going to come back with what looks like intentions of committing a bit of something on Dan.

Apparently you shouldn't mess with the past... but yet that's the entire point of Dan's time traveling, so is that really fair?

And how screwed up is Dan's life going to become if he doesn't realize right away what he's done?

Will he go on changing things he's not meant to change while the kidnapper watches on in Dan's present? Or will these consequences catch up with Dan right away so he learns his lesson about the rules of his traveling once and for all?

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