True Blood: 'The Fourth Man in the Fire'

True Blood continues to surprise me as it just gets better and more intense every week!

We've dug deeper into the vampire world which continues to get creepier, and one of the most fascinating part is how Bill sometimes has to go along with what the vampires want, and sometimes can hold his own if he believes differently.

It's also fascinating to have Sookie get deeper into the vampire world, but stay so calm and level-headed with only a few freak outs when it really, really calls for it.

We were left last week with some major vampire conflict after some vampires caused trouble in Merlotte's, leading to the close-minded, scared men of the town to burn down Bill's house where four burnt coffins were uncovered.

We picked up this week unsure if Bill was in one of those coffins (though assuming he's alive because this show would be lost without Bill), to discover that vampires die in a pretty gross way, and then later to discover as Sookie visited the graveyard, that Bill was NOT dead... because he spent the night in the graveyard.

And bravo, HBO, for continuing to take advantage of your subscription cable status by not only freaking us faint-hearted out with Bill's arm stabbing out of the ground to grab Sookie in the graveyard, but then to have some very down and dirty graveyard sex. Sookie's really shot that innocence to hell, and I like it!

We found out that the fourth vampire was not a vampire but a "fang-banger," the 19-year-old assistant to the coroner, which seems to have been his purpose in the show.

As for the vampires still around, Eric used his power to call on Sookie (by appearing in Bill's bathtub, of course), but not to use her blood as I was imagining.

Instead, he wanted to use her mind-reading powers to figure out who was stealing money from Fangtasia, and Sookie proved to be quite helpful as she worked through the suspects to discover it was a vampire who had glamored a human into stealing - and vampires don't take a moment to let pretty little humans continue to work things out as our final scene was of the bartender vampire lunging at Sookie! You've got to love the way they leave us utterly hanging at the end of every episode!!

While this was main storyline of the episode, we also had the increasingly more interesting side stories like that of Jason's new love interest who seemed to be helping Jason be a better person, but then led him to kidnap a vampire to get more V... bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!

Also, Tara's mother seemed to actually believe, or actually be, cured from the exorcism of her "devil," to the point that Tara went herself to get some voodoo... I don't know if I want sassy Tara to change, but I guess we'll see if anything happens for her.

Can't wait for more to see how this all develops even more!

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Default avatar cat
Oct 27, 2008 4:21PM EDT

It wasn't Bill's house...

Default avatar cat
Oct 27, 2008 7:08PM EDT

yeah i was confused about that... good thing.... i thought that i miss something major....

Oct 27, 2008 8:46PM EDT

I was clearly confused the other way - thanks for clarifying! Was it another vampire house?

Default avatar cat
Oct 28, 2008 3:58AM EDT

sigh~ that was the Monroe vampires' house (Diane, Malcolm and Liam) not that it matters now that they're dead... and it wouldn't kill the story if Bill died... didn't you know? They break up later on and the story goes on. So don't think that he is safe from dieing just because you think that they'll be together forever, this isn't twilight, honey.The bartender's name is Long Shadow... again, not that it matters now lol~I must say I loved Sam's excuse to Andy, I nearly died laughing. But it wasn't right making poor old Terry think it was his PTSD.They screwed up a lot of people's motivations and somethings didn't turn out exactly as planed: like the whole Bill going with the Monroe vampires, he actually sided with Sookie and later on was taking a new vampire in town to meet the coven. I get not wanting to confuse the story but that screws up a lot of the towns perception; because in the book they noticed when Bill sided with Sookie and decided he was an okay guy. That's why they never tried to torch Bill's house (again don't get a false sense of security, there is still the FotS and other Vampires).I don't know how they're going to fix that mess up. But I guess changes just make the story more interesting for those that know what's going to go down. I would probably get board it I was watching exactly what happened.

Default avatar cat
Oct 28, 2008 2:24PM EDT

Not everyone has read the books, and we dont wanna know if they break up or not! Anyway, was I the only one who thought the sex on the graveyard was slightly..odd?

Oct 28, 2008 3:15PM EDT

i thought the sex in the grave yard was fuckin funny as hell. At first seeing it i was like oh he is just levering himself up ummm okkay now he is man handling keep her quit?....omg thre having sex....roflmao

Default avatar cat
Oct 28, 2008 5:57PM EDT

Hmmmm.........This episode was ........Nice but just a little cliche. and sookie was MEAN

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