House Returns: Dying Changes Everything

House is back! After all the life-altering drama at the end of last season, it was difficult to get back in the normal (but still amazing) swing of things for the usual House-ness.

It felt odd after such a dramatic Season 4 conclusion to open this season with House doing his norm of abusing hospital rules and patients as he sat in some coma guy's room playing video games. Yes, we were then basically immediately confronted with the fact that Wilson had been gone for 2 months and was just then returning, but this lack of drama felt odd... though I suppose right.

House isn't usually crazy dramatic - it's often intense, with all sorts of tensions between characters, but also a whole bunch of sarcasm and House-isms.

We were back on board with the case no longer being personal, just slightly lining up with personal stories as 13 found herself struggling with the fact that this young-ish professional woman they were trying to figure out didn't want to make more of herself than the assistant to the great one - just like 13, gee how strange... though of course 13 is the one who wants so much more but is assuming she can't have it because of her Huntington's.

But, long story short, we were back on with House having a bizarre and interesting case, and alongside it, the issue of Wilson came up here and there.

I was feeling a bit disappointed to not get more heart and drama from the House-Wilson issue, but it really was done right, even if not as dramatically as I wanted because the fact is, besides all that drama in the last few episodes, this is House and Wilson.

But just as I settled into that fact and started to "enjoy" the awkwardness of Wilson hurting but not expecting anything from House and House needing Wilson but not knowing how to show it, we were hit with the big whammy - this was not just Wilson's grief talking.

He isn't just causing a couple of extra waves in our team only to settle nicely back in after realizing that's where he should stay when he's grieving.

No. The House has finally hit the fan. Wilson doesn't want to move to sit in his grief - he wants to break out and actually live his life - aka free himself from the wet, needy blanket of House.

Wait, but House is the least needy person ever right? He doesn't let anyone close to him, so how could he possibly be a burden? Well, all of us fans know far too well that, yes, that's House, but all of that push and pull of "not needing" people lands him in many a desperate situation which definitely does drag those like Wilson down big time.

So while not a hugely dramatic bang into the new season, a troubling one with a very intriguing set up nonetheless. The tone was a little off which I suppose fit since all the characters are a little off for now, but basically in line with most House episodes, this was certainly still a great one!

Now we're left to wonder: could Wilson really leave? There's the fact that the show would be entirely different and not as good without him, but also the fact that realizing you want to cut ties with your best friend and hitting the point where you actually tell him... well, that's something incredibly hard to smooth over and certainly not something you say or figure out without some major meaning behind it.

We may truly be Wilson-less... but I think if we are, it won't and can't last... or at least we can hope.

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