Cautionary Tale: The Sins of Our Fathers

On Heroes last night, it was the battle of the blondes and the fathers who loved them. Or really, the battle against the fate in the paintings.

As it turns out, when you try to change your fate, sometimes all you do is create it.

Which is probably exactly how that fate was meant to play out... but any way about it, in trying to prevent what he saw in the paintings, HRG instead made it.

It was a nice trick though to show HRG get a flash of the painting of Suresh and the gun and then be able to "change" things.

We've seen throughout Heroes so far that the paintings always comes true, but they don't always mean exactly what they seem.

And the same exact thing still happened last night despite, or maybe including, the painting of Suresh.

We've seen the cheerleader on the ground covered in blood come true, but Claire then recovering, and we've seen the exploding man painting come true, but with the twists of what really happened to Nathan and Peter.

This includes plenty more plus now the shooting in the eye of HRG with Claire and West behind him... but not only was he wrong about West being the reason for his death, but HRG also isn't dead!

Is this a cop out or is it just more intriguing with how much more interesting things will be with him alive but trapped by the Company?

We've seen "deaths" before that didn't result in dying like Sylar's and also Peter's when he had that "little" piece of glass in his head, and the results of them coming back are way cooler and more interesting than the shock of them dying.

I'd say we can trust Heroes on this one to make it worth the "aw, that's dumb" moment of seeing HRG was still alive as we see what happens because of all this, including everyone thinking he's dead.

As for the showdown of the blondes superwomen, it looks like there's more to come next week, and I'm sure they'll be more powered up than ever after such light shed on the faults and truths of their fathers.

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