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International Friendship Week: Who's Your Favorite Group of TV BFFs? - Featured

While there are many adorable couples, bromances, and friendship duos we adore on TV, since it's International Friendship Week, we want to go bigger!

Many great shows are based on a group of friends, but it's hard to get it right... but when that happens, does it ever make for some of the best shows of all!

I've listed a number of amazing shows below that are all around a true blue group of amazing friends, so we want to know who from this list or those we missed tops your list of the best TV friends ever.


How I Met Your Mother

Sex and the City



Grey's Anatomy

Desperate Housewives

Queer as Folk


Additional Popular User Choices:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


That 70's Show

Saved by the Bell

The Big Bang Theory

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



| 20:01 EST, 09 Mar, 2010
| 22:33 EST, 08 Mar, 2010
Buffy! (Such a good show) A seriously awesome group of friends. I mean- look at all the seriously crazy crap they went through together!The groups from Scrubs and Friends are totally great as well. So is How I Met Your Mother.
| 17:14 EST, 24 Feb, 2010
FRIENDS!Then Scrubs, then HIMYM
| 17:02 EST, 24 Feb, 2010
BUFFY! the Scooby gang for ever!FriendsScrubs, nothing can beat J.D and Turk's relationship *it's guy love* Not up there: I've always loved Angel, The 10th kingdom was amazing wolf, Virginia, prince and Tony! best program ever!
| 21:46 EST, 23 Feb, 2010
Friends definately wins.Though there are many great shows on the list nothing compares to the crazy relationships in that show.
| 12:51 EST, 23 Feb, 2010
Ok seriously HIMYM has a great group of friends as does scrubs, buffy, firefly, the original friends. However no ones mention the judd apatow shows. For example freaks and geeks had an awesome group of friends and made brilliant t.v. As did undeclared.
| 12:29 EST, 23 Feb, 2010
| 04:56 EST, 23 Feb, 2010
Friends/Saved By the Bell are tied in first HIMYM South Park Scrubs Entourage Always Sunny Other Classics non-aforementioned... CheersSpin CityCaptain PlanetTMNTWings
| 14:36 EST, 22 Feb, 2010
I"m going with How I Met Your Mother, and Psych. Because really, Shawn and Gus are the closest two friends can get.
| 12:27 EST, 22 Feb, 2010
HIMYM, definitely.
| 08:37 EST, 22 Feb, 2010
How I met your mother! :Dthe best friendships from the series i watch
| 10:22 EST, 21 Feb, 2010
Havent been any friends like FRIENDS. definitely them.
| 19:22 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
1. How I Met Your Mother 2. Friends 3. That 70's Show 4. Scrubs 5. Sex and the City
| 15:55 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
How I Met Your Mother and That 70's Show!! Love them both <3. And also Entourage has a great group of friends :D
| 15:26 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
It may be an unorthodox vote, but how about Bones?
| 14:04 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
Scooby Doo GangMASHOne Tree Hill (the original gang)PsychMake it Or Break itmy new fav: The Deep Endbut Saved By the Bell reigns supreme
| 13:46 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
The person spammed this whole page with "Friends".........GOOD JOB!!!!!! YEAHH!!
| 13:45 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
How I met your mother hands down.
| 03:39 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
| 01:29 EST, 20 Feb, 2010
DAWSON'S CREEK!!!! Not many people probably even remember this show; but it is amazing!! And it has some pretty good friends with an interesting love triangle.
| 17:41 EST, 19 Feb, 2010
1. How I met your mother !!!!!!!2. The Big Bang Theory3. Friends
| 00:48 EST, 19 Feb, 2010
1. FRIENDS!!!! i love the relationship of each character, thats how real friends are, they're always there for each other :) i've watched the whole series for more than 3 times and their jokes never gets old! :) 2. Sex and the city 3. HIMYM, i love barney! i dont really like marshall and lily's roles. It is not as hilarious as FRIENDS except for Barney :) i also noticed that the show has a lot of similar jokes with FRIENDS.
| 00:07 EST, 19 Feb, 2010
I saw Frasier and Niles back up there. Yeah. Gotta give the Frasier family their due. ... no other series Finale has ever made me shed a tear. Frasier's made me shed several. My sister gave me a few weird looks. (Seriously, watch the finale and think about all that was said in the pilot - specifically the Martin/Frasier stuff- and you won't think I'm so weird) And jpmcoy22, I gotta say I think Robin is prettier. What can I say, I'm a sucker for... ... people who aren't Jennifer Aniston? Honestly, I'm tired of seeing Jennifer Aniston. Her looks are boring me.
| 21:56 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
One Tree Hill-original cast, Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Peyton, Brooke
| 21:42 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
how bout the actual scoobie gang but i like buffy scoobies too and boy meets world
| 21:35 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
FRIENDS for the win!!! HIMYM is great too. but come on. here are the stats: 1. ROSS vs TED Ross can be funny and serious. Ted is usually passive with the funny part, but controls the main plot of the show. Still, Ross can do both. ROSS WINS 2. RACHEL vs ROBIN Hands down, for me. Rachel is prettier (duh, Jennifer Aniston). RACHEL WINS 3. JOEY vs BARNEY I have to give it to Barney. What can I say, that guy's legend--wait for it... BARNEY WINS 4. PHOEBE vs. LILY Phoebe is just so damn weird. lol PHOEBE WINS 5. CHANDLER vs MARSHALL I really don't care about this one. I'll give this to Marshall, just because he's up against classic Chandler. lol MARSHALL WINS 6. But wait, Monica blows everyone away with her domineering and perfectionist attitude. MONICA WINS ALL. MONICA IS PART OF FRIENDS. FRIENDS WIN ALL.
| 21:25 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
HIMYMFriendsBuffy ScoobiesScrubsPsychBig Bang Theory
| 21:07 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
ooops forgot The office of my absolute best Dwight :-)
| 21:06 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
I miss 3th rock from the sun dick and harry .... . great comedy ... Seth and summer : OC the gang in buffy the vampire slayer, anyone but me who misses frasier and niles? and my fav. of new shows , the gang of : friends, chuck, big bang, house, greek, how i meet your mother.
| 20:32 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
How I Met Your Mother, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly!
| 20:21 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
Friends for sure. I also loved Lipstick Jungle and Boy Meets World.
| 19:12 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
The shows that aren't on the list that I would add are "Spaced", "Coupling" and the group in the first two seasons of "Skins". Though all of those shows are British, I think they capture the group of friends theme very well. Unlike most American shows, not only do they just play on the group of friends setting they also progress their relationships as friends which allows for a plot purely from the natural evolution of the characters.
| 19:12 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
How I Met Your Mother is a great show and i love watching their friendships. But for some reason a lot of these shows are comedies. Some dramas have great friendships too. One Tree Hill is a GREAT example. I think they were the perfect group of friends!
| 18:52 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
dunno which to choose but I'd like to add another awsome group of friends in the show "My Boys" :D
| 18:19 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
| 18:15 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
How I Met Your Mother and Definitely the Scoobie Gang from Buffy.
| 16:32 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
BOY MEETS WORLD! the ultimate middle school to post-college group of friends! but from the actual list, you can't beat Friends. It's all there in the title.
| 16:19 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
Scrubs its so Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
| 16:09 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
The order is simple: 1. Friends (of course)2. Seinfeld3. How I Met Your Mother4. That 70s Show5. Buffy
| 15:58 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
Friends. Also like Buffy. :)
| 15:39 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
| 14:47 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
How on Earth can someone say Friends is BETTER than How I Met Your Mother? You cannot even compare the friendship bonds between Barney and Ted, Barney and Lily, Ted and Marshall, Lily and Robin, Robin and Barney and Robin and Ted and Ted and Lily, so unique and so equally amazing, to those between the Friends' bunch. I'm a hardcore fan of both shows but in terms of friendship, nothing beats HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.
| 14:41 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
How I met your mother
| 12:47 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
Beverly Hills 90210 anyone?????Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Donna, David, Dylan, Steve, Claire....yay!!!
| 12:33 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
| 10:47 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
I like the HIMYM crew. I also like the Scoobie and Angel Investigations. But if I had to pick one, it would be another Whedon group I haven't seen mentioned. I gotta go with Firefly crew. I feel like they were the result of all Joss learned from Buffy and Angel (the shows, not the characters). Like Buffy, they're a tight-knit family unit. And like Angel, they're professionals, where everyone has a place and purpose. Not everyone in Buffy had a purpose (Willow only got useful after a few seasons, and Xander never really became useful - in comparison to Buffy.. they were more like the cheerleading squad..) and Angel and his team were never as close as the Scoobies (Angel inc just worked together, they didn't have sleepover parties together). The Firefly crew was a professional group of friends who lived and worked together.
| 08:57 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
i second whoever voted for psych! shawn and gus are the awesomest tv friendship ever!
| 08:53 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
How I met your mother!!!
| 08:51 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
i would say Queer as folk and of course 2
| 08:16 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
Buffy and HIMYM
| 05:21 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
how i met your mother!!!!
| 03:59 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
1. How I met your mother2. The Big Bang Theory3. Entourage
| 02:03 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer2. How I Met Your Mother3. The Big Bang Theory4. Friends5. Seinfeld
| 01:43 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
FriendsHIMYMThe Big Bang TheoryThe CommunityWill and Grace
| 00:24 EST, 18 Feb, 2010
I definitely think HIMYM is the best. I don't think Grey's Anatomy is really that focused on friendships though, so it's not really that suitable for this list.
| 23:56 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
BuffyFriendsHIMYMGrey's Anatomy
| 20:50 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friends and Buffy had the best group of friendship on tv when i was growing up.loves it!!
| 20:36 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Scoobies and Friends!!
| 20:35 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
| 20:31 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
friendsfriendsfriendsfriendsfriendsfriends and then how i met your mother. but friends
| 20:11 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friendsand than HIMYM
| 20:06 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
| 19:41 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Scooby Gang !! Buffy ! How I met Your Mother would not be that bad either, but I'd prefer fighting evil with a pretty girl like Buffy !
| 18:39 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
| 18:29 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
HIMYMFriendsBig Bang Theory
| 18:11 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friends HIMYM 70's show
| 18:09 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friends, All the way
| 17:45 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
how i met your mother for sure
| 17:43 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
| 17:43 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
BUFFY! BUFFY! BUFFY!But HIMYM after thatAnd then Big Bang Theory
| 15:52 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
FriendsHIMYM70's showScrubsEntourage
| 15:35 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
#1 Friends !!#2 Scrubs !!#3 Desperate Housewives !!#4 Scoobies !!
| 15:25 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
| 14:32 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
friends no doubt
| 14:27 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
How I Met Your Mother is AMAZING, but I have to say that #1 goes to Friends, the group that made us love BFFs in the first place. :)
| 13:18 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
How I Meet Your Mother is the champ!
| 12:55 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friends (Is there really even a question about this?)
| 12:50 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Seinfeld and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are the most entertaining to watch.HIMYM is really fun too, and it also has the heartwarming factor going on.Oh, and The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon, his friends and one treasured acquaintance.
| 11:44 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
I'd say FRIENDS, best group ever! HIMYM comes second. love it!
| 11:24 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
why FRIENDS of course
| 10:56 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friends and How i met your mother are the bestThen comes Sex and the cityAnd i don't think grey's anatomy belongs here...i would have selected The Big Bang Theory, which is also a great show about friendship (actually, geek friendship !)
| 10:53 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
How I met your mother. definitely!second would have to be buffy & the gang though :D
| 10:47 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Buffy's Scooby Gang!! how is that not up there? Love Scrubs as well
| 10:34 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Buffy's gang for sure!
| 10:20 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Srubs everytime :D :D
| 09:02 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Hey where's the big bang theory? It's like the nerdy version of friends!
| 08:05 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
friends!!! :D its the first and the best show!!:)
| 07:26 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Scooby Gang!
| 06:40 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
How I Met Your Mother!!! XD
| 06:36 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
friends...definitely!but SATC and HIMYM are close behind...just love those series!
| 04:52 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Psych. Shawn and Gus
| 04:32 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
HIMYM, Chuck, Big Bang Theory (the most interesting take on friendship, but it's highly entertaining)
| 04:14 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Definitly Friends but Sex and the city is close second =D
| 04:09 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
obviously friends... and second how I met your mother
| 03:36 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
FRIENDS! no doubt about it.
| 03:17 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
| 03:07 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
definitely how i met your mother
| 03:02 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
| 03:02 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
oh wow. i have multiple.. Friends, HIMYM, Seinfeld, Scrubs, Sex&The City, Queer as Folk, 30 Rock.
| 02:48 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
If ur talking ever then it would be friends, seinfeld, saved by the bell, scrubs, and that 70s show. But if its just on tv right now, then it would be HIMYM, BBT, Chuck, Entourage, Its always sunny, and Community
| 02:38 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friends for Friendship Week
| 01:13 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
charlie and hurley lostR2D2 and C3PoJay and silent bobJD TurkCox Benshaggy and ScoobyChuck and Morgan
| 00:50 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
How I Met Your Mother, no doubt about it
| 00:42 EST, 17 Feb, 2010
Friends, How I met your Mother and Queer as Folk all have great groups of friends but QaF is best. Buffy and Angel should both be up there, scooby gang and Angel investigations.
| 23:55 EST, 16 Feb, 2010
friendsHIMYMscrubsand even though buffy isnt up there i think it should be
| 23:33 EST, 16 Feb, 2010
I third the Scoobies from Buffy, and the HIMYM gang, too. I never thought I could love a comedy ensemble cast more than the Friends one, but then HIMYM came along, and they're awesome!
| 23:13 EST, 16 Feb, 2010
Oh and scrubs too!
| 23:12 EST, 16 Feb, 2010
Good point, sarrypotter. I vote the Scooby gang in buffy the vampire slayer!Xander, Willow, Buffy--- you don't get better friends than them.:)either them or the cast of Friends, because they're just hilarious.
| 22:23 EST, 16 Feb, 2010
Grey's anatomy doesn't belong on there and How I met your mother friends are number 1! (at least in my book)
| 22:06 EST, 16 Feb, 2010
seinfeld!!! and i'd almost remove grey's anatomy, the friendships aren't that amazing...
| 21:37 EST, 16 Feb, 2010
I love the friends on How I Met Your Mother, but what about the Scooby gang in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That was a group of friends I always wanted to be a part of!

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