The Bachelor: London Calling for Your Women!

The British are coming! Okay, just one.

His name is Matt Grant, and he's here to steal your women! And if I never see him saying that again, I'll be thrilled.

But luckily with the premiere of The Bachelor: London Calling, we got plenty more of Matt Grant chatting away in his adorable British accent.

He came off a bit pompous in his clips, but with more camera time, he's shown to be intelligent with plenty of humor.

He also doesn't have many lines to use when he first meets women, but I guess no one really has new lines when 25 women are piling out of limos towards you.

So, the bachelor is officially approved as an interesting and fun bachelor for the season, but many of the women aren't cutting it. It seems they brought in more of the crazies this time around, but not interesting crazy so much as the crazy type with gigantic fake lips, tramp stamps, and no self-control when it comes to alcohol and shoving one's lacy panties down a man's pants.

Oh, wait. That was all just one woman - the now eliminated and infamous Stacey. Thank goodness Matt had the sense to eliminate her after her ridiculousness including passing out on a mattress in the bathroom a few hours into the night. (Why was that in there by the way?) But really, even the women on Rock of Love 2 get eliminated for that.

Other ladies tried to impress the bachelor by singing a song made up for him, playing the clarinet, and arm wrestling with him. None of these were more impressive, though, than the conversations and connections he had with other ladies. Aw, how sweet.

So far there aren't many fantastic women who really stand out, but it seems like a good batch of ladies who will shine forth as the season continues. So far it seems all the ladies are very pleased with Matt's British accent, his impressive height, and dashing English looks, so we'll see what kind of American girl tickles the fancy of this English gentlemen as The Bachelor: London Calling dates around the states!

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The Bachelor: London Calling for Your Women!

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