The Bachelor Does Vegas

On this season of The Bachelor, it seems we'll be learning about the many romantic possibilities of the U.S. as our London bachelor, Matt Grant, tours around the country on various dates.

This week, to show off the wonders of American culture, the bachelor and his bachelorette posse hit Vegas.

While the premiere last week was dominated by the ridiculous spectacle of Stacey being a drunken disaster throwing her panties around, this week became a bit of a spectacle of the spoiled actress, Shayne, throwing a hissy fit about not getting all Matt's attention.

Should we ponder a moment why women who think they're more than all that and a bag of chips come on The Bachelor? They know full well there will be 24 other women there to compete with, but I suppose they just assume the guy will be so stunned by her that he'll just ignore the other women.

But at least Shayne pretended to have learned her lesson after seeing her little fit did no good, in fact more bad, with Matt. Before the rose ceremony, she tried to patch up her actions by apologizing to Matt and saying how much acting didn't matter to her and she was here for him, blah, blah.

So, between the fashion show some of the ladies did at the beginning, the Vegas trip, and the last ditch efforts before the rose ceremony last night, we learned that being sexy, confident, and forward is good - aka Ashlee making out with Matt after the fashion show - showing you're a spoiled brat is bad, but caring later is good. Also, being a sweet adorable woman with a case of chronic hiccups is good, and bursting out in jazz-opera in the bachelor's face is bad.

Well, it seems we have this hooking a man thing down! Now let's see if the women can figure it out with all this going on! Though Shayne saved herself this time, Matt's showing himself to be the type of guy who likes the cute and genuine girls, so we may be seeing some more hissy fits in the future from her and other fake ones dying to stick around - can't wait!

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The Bachelor Does Vegas

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