Gossip Girl Review: The Duchess of Nate

On this week's Gossip Girl, "Never Been Marcused," I was prepared to enjoy some just-reunited bliss between Serena and Dan, and hey, deal with those issues later.

So we started off the episode with a bit of that bliss as they woke up on the beach scantly clad... ooo! (Wouldn't someone kick them off? Perhaps scandal is encouraged on the beaches of The Hamptons.) But bliss did not last long as Serena immediately threw in her doubts and we went a bit back and forth for the whole episode as Serena decided they shouldn't be together, then Dan decided they shouldn't, then Serena decided she wanted to pull him into a grungy bus bathroom to do... well, who knows, riiighht?

I want to think of all this as terribly romantic and they just can't stay apart no matter how hard they try but really, it's just a couple of kids in occasional passionate but awkward situations who aren't dealing with their real issues at hand.

I wouldn't exactly call how Serena and Dan now even just because she saw a couple of girls dump drinks on him in the opening episode. Yeah, Serena didn't actually cheat and then neither did Dan, but Serena tore him apart pretty badly and I think he deserves more explanations from her.

And she deserves to not feel bad about it all too, I suppose.

But it sounds from previews as if that will get more attention next week, so we'll see what happens!

As for Blair and Chuck, I have to say I'm enjoying seeing Chuck suffer since he's usually on the other side of things, though he just keeps on fighting dirty no matter what the case.

And yeah, it's a little soap-opera like, but I LOVED Chuck bringing the Duchess to Blair's party, having Blair be a total brat and make a fool out of herself, and then to have Nate walk in and realize he's been messing around with the step-mother of Blair's boyfriend... drama, oh twisted drama! And of course, what sweet justice and confusion when Blair walked in on Nate and Catherine. But really, you're actually going to say, "Oh my F-ing God?" Maybe it was just me, but that sounded a bit lame.

It does seem, though, that Nate and Blair are totally done considering Blair's joy in having something over the Duchess' head much more than being jealous of Nate hooking up with her.

So we have Nate all tied up with Catherine now not only with his feelings but for money... now that's a nice complication... but what does that mean for the loan Chuck gave Nate's mom? And what will that mean for Nate and Vanessa? I guess continued disappointment, maybe on both sides, though I'm not sure if Nate's still smitten with Catherine or actually wishing he'd act his own age and have a nice girlfriend like Vanessa.

Though I didn't love every bit of this episode, there was plenty of drama making me really look forward to next week including a blackout throwing everything upside-down and every which way!

Check out the promos for next week's new episode:

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Sep 9, 2008 2:26PM EDT

I generally really liked the episode, minus the Serena/Dan bit, which I totally agree with you on (in fact, I've been against their relationship for awhile for precisely these reasons; together...they are...insufferable).I absolutely loved Blair in the episode though. She had all of these great zingers...."Sidebar!" (when wanting to talk with Chuck)..."Basshole.", etc.And while temporarily "beaten" by The Duchess, loved how Blair managed to swing the tides back in her favor, as she always does.Blair and Chuck make this series what it is..

Default avatar cat

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Sep 12, 2008 1:01PM EDT

i love te chuck blair storyline but they REALLY dont look like a couple!!!!ed is ugly but i love his real english accent! and leightons too pretty 4 him!! cmon blair and nate! dan and serena!! or even vanessa and nate!!

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