Burn Notice Season 3, Episode 7: 'Shot in the Dark' Review - Featured

Burn Notice hasn't made a huge deal out of guest star appearances, but they certainly pop up now and then, and last night in 'Shot in the Dark,' we got the fun of having Better Off Ted nice guy Jay Harrington guest starring as a bad guy.

Usually our case of the week for Michael's guilt-trip/favor/cash-need comes from his mom, brother, Fiona, or Sam knowing someone in need of help, but this time the case came about in a little more interesting way - a 13-year-old breaking in to steal Fi's gun! To do what, we (and Michael) asked immediately after getting over the fear that it was someone worse breaking into Fi's place? To kill his abusive step-dad, of course. Now there's a set-up that's awfully close to home for Michael, but it was done well to not feel overly paralleled. And hey, if a kid can learn to not take matters like murder into his own hands and grow up instead to learn awesome tricks and eat lots of yogurt, why not?

The episode almost entirely Michael trying to scare the step-dad, Erik, to get out of town because supposedly someone was trying to kill him over a stolen car he'd supposedly sold to Michael. All this was to get Erik to miss the custody hearing where he was trying to take the kids away from his wife.

Why a guy into crime with a crime-boss brother would want to make for a messy divorce and custody battle, who knows, but I guess the idea was that he was a jerk and trying to punish the poor woman because he's just that much of a jerk.

So of course, Michael took this one to heart, and it was awesome to see him actually worry, take great care of the kid, Joey, in his own Weston-way, plus take every opportunity to punch the jerk along their way of conspiring together as some mysterious (fake) bad guy was out to kill them both.

Meanwhile because of the episode promo showing Fi getting shot in the chest, I was wondering how on earth that was going to happen, and also how it was not going to be her getting killed.

And so the moment came! It was so dramatic and hilarious that I didn't care that (as kind of expected) it was a trick of our amazing trio. Since the basics of scaring off Erik weren't working due to his brother's interference, the team had to take it further by having Sam and Fiona fake a team of killers to take out the other killers, and so came the awesome scene of remote-controlled fake gunshots taking out Fi then Sam with plenty of very realistic fake blood, and some great death performances by both... and then Michael as well!

Unfortunately, though, even those outstanding Shakespearean performances didn't cut it for getting Erik out of town as yet again his brother got in the way. But no worries, this led to an even greater scene of the gang setting Erik up as completely crazy! We got Michael on the scene of the shots as a priest, Sam as a fruit stand worker, and Fi as a casual shopper walking by. This made for some hilarious times as they all pretended like they didn't know Erik or anything about the shootings as they were just random people around the area.

And so the case was wrapped up not with forcing the guy out of town, but with the poor (nasty and abusive) guy getting committed to a mental physicality!

One more point for team Weston!! But that was not quite all - the episode wrapped up with Michael's side-quest to find out more about the mysterious Strickler we met last week. Michael didn't find out more than that Strickler has "high level government contacts," but that was all Michael needed to know... for now. And so begins Michael's "dance with the devil." Now that's something I can't wait to see develop further!

What did you think of 'Shot in the Dark'? Were you satisfied with the way the teaser of Fi getting shot turned out? What do you think will happen next in Michael's new agreement with Strickler?


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Jul 24, 2009 5:50PM EDT

This season started off pretty weak i thought but this episode was amazing. Can't wait for next week!! Oh and i don't watch the promos for next week because i feel it ruins the show.

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