SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 16-18 Reviewed

With a little delay from last week, it's time for more Friday Night Lights with Episodes 16-18 which I think have been my favorites so far!

I've been waiting to just love the Matt and Julie storyline, and have gotten some good moments so far, but Episode 17 delivered with some great Matt-Julie focus.

Episode 16 focused around Matt working on getting Julie back, along with resolving the racial split on the team, along with Tami's dislike of Tyra's friendship with Julie.

So then once all that was patched up, we were back in business for football, Julie and Tyra's friendship, plus Matt and Julie. And Julie, as we were teased in the title of the episode, is ready to jump in with two feet as she tells Matt, "I think we should have sex."

And there, my friends, came my favorite FNL moment yet with Matt's totally shocked and adorable reaction! As they stood on the porch and Julie threw out those words at super-speed, Matt's face was just a hilarious mix of surprise, "I'm a lucky SOB," and "I have no idea what I'm doing."

We then got the drama of Tami seeing Matt buying condoms at the store and her scary yet loving lecture to Julie, then the teenage rush to do it anyway - ending perfectly in them not doing it, but playing leg wars on the floor instead - so cute!!

I really enjoyed how FNL portrayed this as we saw even the cool mom freak out, but actually end up bonding with her daughter over it, plus the pressures of high school and the realities, though not in a preachy way, that so many high schoolers just aren't ready yet.

It was very realistic, and I believe true to the characters of Matt and Julie the way I want to see them growing, that they felt the pressure, but then were honest enough to admit they didn't want to yet.

I also loved the reactions from Coach Taylor and Tami with Tami momentarily freaking out but being a solid motherly yet friend-like figure about it, and the Coach utterly freaking out in the most classic father way about his little girl off with some guy to have sex, but yet his later understanding (kind of) that she is growing up and can make responsible decisions.

Another interesting aspect of these episodes were the continued differences Lyla and Jason realize in their new lives as Lyla sees her family falling apart after her dad's affair with Tyra's mom is revealed, and she sees Jason moving on to an entirely different life with quad rugby and a strange new girl giving him a tattoo.

Also we had Smash realizing there's a lot more to Waverly that boils down to some very troublesome personal issues for her that he may or may not be able to handle.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all this play out with these couples and the team as they advance and have even more pressure towards the end of their football season and the end of FNL's 1st season!

Tune in Friday for the final FNL Drama Club review pulling in an extra episode to complete the 1st season for Episodes 19-22!

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