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Lost, The Final Season: Who Should Kate Choose? - Featured

The final season of Lost is almost here!!

Besides the millions of mysteries we're hoping will resolve by the end of the season, it's also time to resolve the love triangle biggie of this crazy drama:

Will Kate end up with Jack or Sawyer?

We left off last season with Kate and Jack on uncertain terms when they went from engaged in the real world, to disastrous, to dealing with each other in the 1970s island world. Then we had Kate clearly containing her excitement over seeing Sawyer who she quickly discovered was happily living with Juliet! Nice love twist since Juliet was of course originally a love interest for Jack.

Going into the final season, we don't know if Juliet died plus if the time reset she may have died for really happened. So it's possible Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed, and none of this love triangle-square drama ever even happened.

But with this possibility, it's still likely all their paths will still meet, or if the reset didn't work, it was looking like Kate's feelings were leaning towards Sawyer, if he'd have her.

Phew! I'm confused... but still - no matter what happens in this final season, it's very likely Kate will end up with either Jack or Sawyer, so are you routing for Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate for whatever happily ever after-ish ending the series may have? Share your votes in the comments!


| Feb 1, 2010 11:54PM EST
ugh, frankly jack and kate both annoy me to no end (although kate more than jack) so i am in total favor of them completely deserving each other. i am a sawyer/juliet fan though and am hoping like crazy that juliet survived and they're not having elizabeth mitchell come back as a ghost or something. so yeah, kate can just go off with jack. i don't really care. XD the love triangle thing got a little old since kate flipped between them pretty much every other week.
| Feb 1, 2010 9:14PM EST
| Feb 1, 2010 7:43PM EST
She should end up alone. But if she must be with someone then it should be Jack. Sawyer and Juliet had made a life for each other, and just seeing Kate again should change that.
| Feb 1, 2010 6:34PM EST
| Feb 1, 2010 5:08PM EST
Jack and Kate!!!!!!!
| Feb 1, 2010 4:21PM EST
Jack and Kate should be together :) Sawyer is way better with Juliet because she just makes him a better person while Jack makes Kate a better person... Well except when he's on drugs... Anyway, I've voted for Jack and Kate from the beginning so I'm still there...
| Feb 1, 2010 4:15PM EST
I hope it will be Jack. I mean it was fun having Sawyer in the mix. He and Kate could go to a different level that is just not Jack's pesonality but whenever "push comes to shove" as we Jamaicans love to say Kate always turns to Jack. So...... Kate+Jack all the way!!
| Feb 1, 2010 2:10PM EST
I don't like Kate or Jack, as far as I'm concerned, both deserve to be alone forever. Sawyer and Juliet is where it is at, though.
| Feb 1, 2010 7:23AM EST
well she was first meant to be with jack and all ... then she went for sawyer ... then she got back with jack cos there was no sawyer ... so i think she actually likes sawyer ... but she shud be alone. she's been quite annoying these last few seasons.
| Feb 1, 2010 6:39AM EST
I love Kate and Sawyer together....
| Feb 1, 2010 3:41AM EST
JACK! They are both annoying and suit each other well. Sawyer should be with Juliet forever. And if she dies he should just be upset about that and STAY AWAY from Kate
| Jan 31, 2010 5:24PM EST
Jack is such a pain in the ass, he's always making these hurt-puppy faces and simply can't handle a woman like Kate that is not all motherly, you-can-always-come-and-cry-at-my-shoulder-while-I-put-my-life-on-hold.Sawyer and Kate, now these two are both made to live life to the fullest and not play home, so definitely Sawyer and Kate!!!
| Jan 31, 2010 2:02PM EST
kate should be with sawyer they are similar people!!!!
| Jan 31, 2010 1:52PM EST
I think Kate is just another woman who can't make up her mind. Sawyer and Juliet took some getting use to, but I think they were great together. I caught a sneek peek at the next episode on ABC's website and they were all on the plan, didn't know eachother, and hit turbulanc and got through it. So I think maybe the "plan" did work. If thats the case, they all seemed to have run into eachother in the past, so for some reason they were ment to finally all meet eachother in some event. Back to Kate, she doesn't deserve either guy, and Jack probably ends up with Aaron if Claire doesn't return because Jack is his Uncle. So the only one who loses is Kate. Oh, and Hurley, but I think he'll find someone. Maybe since none of it happened he is back at the ward and that girl is there and maybe she'll finally put the moves on him... whoa!!
| Jan 31, 2010 1:10PM EST
I used to love Sawyer and Kate, but I love Sawyer and Juliet more so...Jack and Kate :)
| Jan 31, 2010 11:14AM EST
neither of them really deserves her
| Jan 30, 2010 8:10PM EST
sawyer. jack's just so annoying
| Jan 30, 2010 7:28PM EST
sawyer is sooooo cuteeeand juliet always makes the same ugly face so definitely sawyer!
| Jan 30, 2010 7:28PM EST
She needs to have a graphic scene where she swims away from the Island naked. And then never be seen again. Sawyer is better off alone or with Juliet and Jack deserves better than her. Aaron deserves his real mother and so that leaves Kate with no one.
| Jan 30, 2010 5:31PM EST
The show's producers wouldn't leave Jack alone and pining at the end, and they've already given Sawyer another love interest. So most likely Kate will end up with Jack.
| Jan 30, 2010 5:10PM EST
I'm a Sawyer fan and I hope Juliet is alive and they are still together. Kate doesn't deserve him but if she makes him happy I guess its fine.
| Jan 30, 2010 9:00AM EST
I'm Sawyer's fan and if Juliet survives I really hope they'll be together. But if not.. I'd like him to be with Kate, even though she deserves to be alone coz its too much - she couldn't make up her mind for 6 seasons!
| Jan 30, 2010 6:43AM EST
From the first season of the show, I have always been a JACK AND KATE fan, I even kind of liked it when they put a little twist in there, when Kate and Sawyer started getting a little close. But somehow Kate always seemed to return to Jack and that's what I'm routing for now, that in the end it'll be JACK AND KATE. If they make it a Kate and Sawyer coupling, I'd be kind of disappointed for the mere fact that I think that JACK + KATE= A BETTER PAIRING.
| Jan 30, 2010 4:42AM EST
i think she should be alone. It obviously didn't work out with Jack and it would just be awkward with Aaron. Plus Jack has some major obsession issues he needs to get over. Moreover, I don't think she'll end up with Sawyer, i really think Sawyer and juliet's love was stable and real. And Juliet didn't die, than maybe they will stay together.
| Jan 30, 2010 1:24AM EST
| Jan 29, 2010 11:01PM EST
ooo me too i liked Sawyer and Juliet.... And well i still dont know about Jack and Kate... But Omg we will see... I cant wait!!!
| Jan 29, 2010 7:05PM EST
I agree with above comments. I like Sawyer and Juliet together, and she doesnt deserve Jack...She's just so annoying.
| Jan 29, 2010 6:57PM EST
Neither. She deserves to be alone.
| Jan 29, 2010 6:22PM EST
Jack's the man!!When I think about everything that Jack went through, Kate doesn't Jack. He's a good man and she hurt him a lot. But I don't want to see her with Sawyer, either. Not anymore. I actually like Sawyer+Juliet. So... the woman should leave our leading men alone! (sorry, got a bit excited...)

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