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Overlooked by hardcore fans of Family Guy, and those who fell in love with The Simpsons first, Futurama has something about it that sets it apart from its other black humor comedy competitors.

Futurama is often judged by many to be one of those "I can't believe people waste their time watching that" shows by viewers who aren't into the more mature parodic, black humor cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy. And to many fans of those shows, such as Family Guy, Futurama is "weak", "unoriginal", and even "downright boring". However, Futurama is one of the better cartoon comedies out there, for those who like a plot now and then. Futurama isn't - all - about parodies and making fun of life and pop culture. It has its own original storylines that serve to entertain as well as build morale, while still making fun of its own plot. But in the end, its humor tends to be more refined, and even cute from time to time, and of richer taste than Family Guy. (And don't get me wrong, I do actually like Family Guy as well!) But there's something about Futurama that almost makes it a more sophisticated and surprisingly inspirational version of the stereotypical adult cartoon comedies. But hardly to the point where it's boring, of course. Futurama truly is a creative work with its own sense of humor and original storylines. It's definitely a fantastic show!

Review on by Ervauna on TV.com:

Futurama: Underappreciated


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