Quirky Characters Week: Down the Rabbit Hole

In celebration of Eli Stone's return Tuesday, October 14th, we'll be featuring all our favorite Quirky Characters like Eli who have some sort of secret life or ability that sets them apart from all us normies!

These characters are usually seen as a little bit nutty by just about everyone if they're like Sookie from a new fav, True Blood who can read people's thoughts which drives her a little mad and definitely makes others think she's weird and crazy, or if they're like Eli Stone whose brain tumor started his "visions" which are entertaining to us as his co-workers break out into song, but not so much to his real life co-workers who only see him jumping on a table singing, or diving into a cake for no reason... oh the good times for our dear quirky characters!

Check out all the features so far this week:

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Quirky Characters Week: True Blood's Sookie

Quirky Characters Week: Eli Stone

Quirky Characters Week: TV's Quirkiest Detectives

Quirky Characters Week: Quirktastic but Canceled


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