Survivor Finale & Reunion: A Sole Survivor Proclaimed!

Last night was the dramatic conclusion of Survivor: China!

And no one stepped up their game more than Amanda.

She went from sweet, kind-of-noticed secret schemer, to double immunity and reward winner. With an attitude.

I was loving Amanda's seemingly true sweetness and heart, but it turned a little bit sour in the finale.

Partly because Todd called her out for being harsh to Denise in tribal counsel, but mostly because everyone saw Todd was the schemer, but Amanda was with him the entire time.

So maybe Amanda's outburst just meant she was trying to show her alliance that she wasn't scheming behind their backs.

But, the way she jumped to tell Denise that no, she hadn't said that today, definitely deserved that joking (yet serious) pained look from Todd!

Really, Amanda, at the final tribal, it seemed pretty clear everyone knew what you'd been up to the whole time anyway, so I don't think that moment was the one that screwed you.

So suddenly, much like Jon-Robert, I found myself actually wanting Todd to win after so much time dreading him even getting to the finals.

So the finale ended with Amanda losing it a bit, then all three of the finalists (shockingly Denise was voted out) to give their statements and get the always notoriously harsh and bitter questioning!

This time around, it was a little more surprising though, considering the most bitter of all, Jon-Robert, was actually pretty funny as he joked about how he'd hated Courtney, told Todd and Amanda that if they crossed him, no way they'd get his vote in the end... aw, sweet Survivor love. But then said because of this, his vote was open for anyone, which ended up being Todd after he slipped in a very clever compliment about Jon-Robert being his biggest threat.

The actual most bitter of all was Peih-Gee with some very fresh wounds, and Denise was not actually far behind. This had just a little bit to do with the finalist betraying both of them, and plenty to do with them thinking they're all pretty terrible people too. This didn't phase Todd and Courtney, but just as Peih-Gee said, we're all sick of those doe eyes, Amanda.

So, all said and done, we swooped right into the live finale reunion! And oh the suspense... who was it going to be! Todd! Horary!! Yea!! Wow, I actually was kind of happy for him? Not quite sure on that one - I was a little too distracted by what on earth was going on with his mohawk-mullet.

But congrats anyway.

As for what really matters now - the Survivor gossip. Not so surprisingly, people just adore James for his well, adorable super-hotness, which led to him getting the fan favorite prize of $100,000. And Denise of course, who after her 10 tellings of her sob story, the show producer Mark Burnett gave her a mere $50,000 to get her life and family in a better situation.

But the best part of all? Erik and Jaime are dating!! Now, I'd say maybe they could be the next Rob and Amber of Survivor, but I like them far too much to wish that fate upon them. I can only hope this beautiful and truly wonderfully sweet couple sticks together!

Ah, enough sentiment. Definitely a great Survivor season. Now for next season, we have an all new twist - the ultimate survivor fans vs. the favorite survivors! Don't miss the premiere on February 7th!

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