The Office 'Customer Survey': The Scranton Hardy Boys

I didn't find this week's The Office episode as hilarious as usual, but it still held some quality funny moments and some interesting developments for our characters as well.

We started off with Michael getting congratulated for getting engaged, which almost made me stop watching the episode to make sure I hadn't somehow missed an episode in between this new one and Michael and Holly's sad break up! But it was cleared up pretty quickly, as Michael admitted to lying about the engagement which included hanging up on his mother who apparently never believes Michael when he says he's getting married. Hilarious! For some reason this was Michael's way of coping with the break up... which was no further addressed in the episode, though I'm sure we'll hear more about it later on.

The focus of the episode ended up being around Jim and Dwight both getting poor customer survey reviews, which led them to team up to figure out what was going on with this since they were both sure they couldn't have fared so badly. Along with these investigations, we had Jim and Pam on the phone through "the world's smallest bluetooth," with the idea that they could stay on the phone all day and simply look crazy instead of getting in trouble with their offices for 8 hour personal calls - genius?

Well, not so much as it turned out even the perfect and adorable Jim and Pam don't want each other to know every little thing. While this was some sweet moments like Jim turning off his phone while Michael was telling him about his bad surveys because he was embarrassed to have Pam hear, and him leaving it off to tell us that he was in the process of buying his parents' house, it also led to some trouble as Pam's new friend visited her office to chat about something Jim didn't enjoy hearing.

Pam's friend did not, as Jim suspected, come to hit on Pam, but instead told her he didn't think she should leave New York when their design program was over, but stay =because there was so much left for her to experience, including being surrounded by art as she should be. This was quite awkward as Pam said, "but Jim's in Scranton," while Jim was listening in!

If this were real life, and I were friends with Jim and Pam (if only!), I would tell Jim to quit his dead-end, boring job in Scranton and move to New York to get an interesting job he liked, move into an apartment with Pam, and give her the chance to enjoy the art world and also get a job she'd actually enjoy.

But for the world of The Office, we need all our characters to stay, or in Pam's case, get back to the Scranton office! It's been great to have Pam following her dreams, but unless she and Jim both leave Scranton as a way to end the series, they just can't not be a part of life in the office. They've done a decent job of including Pam's new life, but if it continues much longer, it's going to get annoying and old.

So what to do? Should Pam stay in New York and see what could come of it, or return to Scranton to work as a secretary and plan her wedding with Jim? (Join in our JAM featured discussion for this episode!)

It's so fun to see Jim and Dwight mess with each other and even, as happened in this episode, team up to actually work together on something ridiculous, but without Pam, it's a little less fun. And as for Dwight, what's his plan with allowing Angela and Andy to have their wedding at his farm??

The scheming for this was pretty funny, but does it mean Dwight thinks this is his chance to spend "legit" time with Angela and win her back in the process?

Oh, the romance and drama of The Office!

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