American Idol: Top 8 Guys Go Diva

Last night's American Idol began '80's week with the 8 guys busting out some Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and of course a little "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go."

Of course, it's totally fine to not limit songs to be gender-specific, but there's just something about the newly discovered ex-male stripper, David Hernandez (pictured), busting out a song us secret Celine Dion lovers know far too well that's just a little off-putting.

While none of the guys crashed and burned last night, there weren't any amazing performances either.

Even the darling and amazing David Archuleta wasn't as amazing as usual, but he did bring awareness about homelessness. Sorry David, but it's not quite time to start using your Idol status to try to make a difference in the world.

As for who we'll be seeing go on Thursday? Well, Simon has made it quite clear that David Archuleta isn't going anywhere (of course not!) but even with the extra vote of confidence saying David will almost certainly be in the final two. Now, I can't disagree with Simon there with David's big voice and talent, but he's going to have to become a little more real instead of sweet and perfect all the time to really get this win.

After David Cook's great performance last night that impressed all the judges and most of us at home too, he should definitely be around at least another week. Jason Castro was also wonderful with "Hallelujah," that just has to keep him safe.

For the rest of the guys, I think Danny Noriega's strong voice and attitude will keep him in favor with at least enough of the crowd to keep him around longer, Chikezie didn't rock nearly enough this time, but his talent still shone through as well as his personality to hold him over, and Michael Johns is kind of slipping through here, but has talent enough to not be in trouble for a few more weeks.

So this leaves us with our weaker players, David Hernandez and Luke Menard. They both have great voices, but as much as Luke seems like a sweet person, he comes off a little too theater in his performances... or maybe it's just too Ken-doll like, but either way, his voice is kind of cutting it, but he's just not coming across as a winner. (I do hate to agree with Simon, but it's true.)

And then David Hernandez... well. Let's not go discriminating against ex-strippers, but his ways on stage are just a smidge stripper-like and a smidge creepy too. His voice is good, but also just not winner-quality. So, David and Luke definitely get my votes as the guys we'll be saying goodbye to this week!

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American Idol: The Guys Go Diva


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