Sons of Anarchy "Old Bones" Early Review

Sons of Anarchy has become surprisingly addictive as in watching it so far, I was feeling it was somewhat formulaic in that the SOA run into trouble, then they find a way to work it out - but as the series continues, it becomes more and more clear that it's never that simple for the SOA. There's always more to the current conflict that digs into a badly cleaned up mess in the SOA's past or some other more deeply rooted issue such as the on-going struggle for power between the motorcycle clubs.

*Mild Spoilers Included*

In this week's episode, "Old Bones," the messy past of the SOA is definitely central.

When the police dig up three sets of "old bones," as it were, along the highway, Jax mentioned it to the club, and the older guys of course gave each other some meaningful looks as the youngster Jax, asked, "was this us?" though already figuring the answer.

It's been interesting to see the development of Jax and Clay's relationship as both are loyal to the club and to each other as family, but though Clay said he has no secrets from Jax, it's clear Clay actually believes it's impossible not to have some secrets.

It's also interesting to see how Gemma's involved in these situations as it seems she's actually the one who knows all - hey, this is her second marriage to a SOA leader - but some of those actually in the club including the son and step-son of these leaders, Jax, is left out of some messy club secrets.

So, as you can imagine without me giving too much away, not all those bones discovered had an easy explanation, and with the more modern technology since the SOA buried those bones, it was pretty easy for the police to track down who was responsible.

While Clay worked out all this mess that will linger like many a situation does over this series, Jax had to wrestle with the secrets of the SOA - some known to him and some not as he also knows, plus he got more insight into the issue of why the ATF agent is really there - here comes trouble and his name is Jax Teller, buddy!

My interest was beginning to waver on this show with my worries of it becoming too formulaic, but after this episode showing us how much deeper the SOA issues and the personal issues of the characters will go, I'm definitely re-hooked and can't wait for more!

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Oct 18, 2008 9:55AM EDT

soa is a great new showcant wait for the next episode :)

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