The Bachelorette: The Drama, the Abs, the Romance!

DeAnna and The Bachelorette have returned!

After DeAnna's heartbreak on The Bachelor with good ol' Brad, it's clear she's ready to find the right guy.

It's also clear from her slight cringes at every guy who mentioned he was from Texas, that she actually was quite burned by the supposed Texas dreamboat of her Bachelor past.

But of course, these 25 bachelors coming to meet DeAnna were there because they knew her Bachelor story, so those from Texas made sure to specify they knew what they wanted, they were from a different and better city than Brad's, and other such things to keep her bitterness away from them.

In the 2-hour premiere last night, DeAnna did the usual awkward meet and greet outside, then headed inside to party with all her men!

Also as usual, the guys were ready to do some ridiculous things to get her attention including kicking a lemon off another guy's head and jumping in the pool to then reveal a "DeAnna" monogrammed Speedo!

Luckily, this man was easy on the eyes, but that gesture was a little odd, but did make him stick in DeAnna's mind enough to get him a rose.

I have to say, though, I don't believe a bachelor or bachelorette has ever chosen the guy or girl in the end who did something wild the first night.

Most end up leaving that night, or pretty soon after. While it's great to get attention, you'd think by now people would learn what's going to show you're really not the marrying kind... and by marrying kind I mean the person you can date long distance for a few months and then break up with.

But among the crazies, DeAnna actually found some keepers, including one of the crazies, Jesse, a Pro-Snowboarder from Colorado. It turns out he's pretty sweet too, so he lucked out sticking out to DeAnna with his jeans and ridiculously designed coat, then getting the chance to talk one-on-one more seriously.

On the unlucky side of this was Chandler who tried to get serious with DeAnna after calling her with a duck call he brought along. While he was being a little creepy with his seriousness, Brian W. jumped in by grabbing DeAnna to feel his abs. Shockingly, both didn't make the cut at the first rose ceremony.

Really, though, Brian - all the guys this season have ridiculously nice bodies, so your abs, eh, not that special.

As for the men DeAnna did go for, it seemed she'd be giving one of her three first impression roses to her Bachelor buddy, Jenny's, pick of Graham. But, after her first went to Jeremy, she went with Jesse and the adorable nerd, Richard.

Nice picks which seem to be for the sake of no one being able to tell what her type is. She mentioned after talking to Graham that he was exactly her type, and come on, the guy talked about inspirational rubber band bracelets and starting a charity, but oh well. I'm sure he'll stick around for a good while, first impression rose or not.

It looks like this will be a very interesting season with DeAnna's strong desire to find real love, and the twist of having most of the guys live down in the mansion's guest house with the need to earn their spot to live with DeAnna in the mansion.

That will definitely bring up plenty of drama - can't wait!

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Oct 20, 2015 2:31PM EDT

anywhere else to watch it other than :( i live in canada and cant watch it on there

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