Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Shows on Break, Must-See Episodes & My New Marathon Fav

Welcome to a new week in TV! Your SideReel editorial team will be bringing you columns throughout the week telling you what we're looking forward to for the week on TV, what's hot in the reality TV madness, what was awesome throughout the week and more! Check out the end of this column for any of our articles you've missed so far.

Big Shows Missing This Week

While there's plenty of great TV this week, there are some notable shows in reruns as well, so here are the biggies in reruns:

House - As one of my Monday favs, I've been bummed to have this one in reruns since its last new episode on March 15th. After this week's 2-hour long 24, House will finally be back with a new episode next week on April 12th.

Monday CBS Comedies - No How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, or Two and a Half Men with the NCAA Basketball Championships airing tonight. Rules of Engagement is new before basketball starts, though, so don't miss it fans! All else will be new again next Monday, April 12th.

Wednesday ABC Comedies - All the regular Wednesday comedies including The Middle, Modern Family and Cougar Town will be reruns this week. If you count Ugly Betty as one of these, though, don't forget to watch since Betty will be new while the rest of the lineup is not! Everything will be new the following Wednesday. Since I recently caught up on The Middle, I'm now a fan of the entire ABC Wednesday line-up, and I'll be thrilled to have it all back in place next week!

Thursday NBC Comedies - Like last week, none of the regular NBC Thursday comedies are all reruns. This includes Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock, and just like ABC's Wednesday line-up, I'm into all of these shows, so can't wait til they return April 22nd!

Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice - Both are repeats this week and will return with new episodes April 29th. I'm way behind on Grey's and still haven't watched more than a few episodes of Private Practice. For those up on both, have they been good enough for me to spend their hiatus catching up?

What I'm Psyched for this Week

Now moving on to what is actually on that I can't wait to watch! Spoiler Warning: if you didn't see last week's episodes of these shows, come back after you've watched them to read about why I'm excited for the new eps this week!

Breaking Bad - While I'm writing this on Monday and the new Breaking Bad episode was on last night, I'll include it here since I didn't get to it last night and am super excited to catch up on it! This is without question one of the greatest shows on TV right now. I was waiting for my Breaking Bad watching companion/fiance to get back in town to catch up on the recently premiered first few episodes of Season 3, so after getting the chance to watch those episodes over this weekend, I'm itching to watch the next. Now that I'm into 3rd season, I can officially say I'm still amazed every single new episode at the crazy, inventive, and unique places they take this show. I'm also amazed by how this show still makes me hold my breath through every episode! In other words, if you haven't watched it yet, get on board and catch up now! (Perhaps add Breaking Bad to your SideReel Playlist?)

Chuck - As I mentioned in my column last week, I'm always excited for a new episode of Chuck. But this week's main excitement? Sarah killed Shaw's wife and now he kidnapped her for it! What on earth will go down this week after that crazy chain of events?? But, even more important since I'm assuming we can count on Chuck not being a show to kill off main characters, Sarah will be fine, but her relationship with Shaw will definitely be dead (and maybe Shaw too if it comes to that)! So whether Shaw lives or dies, there's no way he'd continue to work with Sarah, Chuck, and team, and there's most definitely no way he'll want to continue his romantic relationship with Sarah. Does that mean it's finally time for Chuck and Sarah to really give it another try?

Lost - Demond is back! In Lost fashion, last week I was excited because it looked like we were FINALLY going to get Jin and Sun back together, but instead just more questions and craziness came up. But because some of that craziness included the brief appearance of a drugged up and kidnapped Desmond, I'll just carry on my excitement to this week! As I'm sure many of you will agree, I've always found Desmond to be the most fascinating character on this show which isn't hurt by the fact that he's so crucial to so many oddities and secrets of the island. Please, oh please give us some current time Desmond plot developments this week, Lost!

Treme - This one jumps to this coming Sunday April 11th, but this show sounds great, so I'll be looking forward to it all week and I want to make sure you are too! This one follows the lives of jazz musicians in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and as I mentioned in our latest This Week in TV video, since it's on HBO, from the creator of The Wire, and includes some excellent Wire actors, we're guaranteed this is going to be a far better post-Katrina show than the quickly canceled K-Ville on Fox back in 2007.

My New Marathon Show

There's nothing I love more in my TV life than a good marathon. I know I can admit that I could (and do) spend the occasional weekend watching an entire season (or two) or a show here on SideReel because I know you Reelers love it too!

While I have many recommendations for the best shows to marathon if you haven't watched or want to rewatch including Lost, Arrested Development, Friday Night Lights and more, my new fav marathon show is Rescue Me!

While I'm an enormous TV fan and I don't usually judge a show by its cover before I watch it, Rescue Me was one I'd written off as a guy show I'd never really get into. Over this last rainy weekend, though, I jumped into Rescue Me (with some male encouragement) and I ended up becoming my usual marathon-obsessed self with it! It definitely qualifies as one that's both fun enough and dramatic enough that you MUST keep watching, even at the expense of some much-needed sleep. So, for any of you insomniacs or TV addicts in need of a new marathon fix, I suggest you add Rescue Me to your Playlist (and Subscriptions!) right away.

Comment below with what you're looking forward to this week on TV and/or if you have any new favorite shows to marathon!

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Apr 5, 2010 8:07PM EDT

I marathoned Buffy by the season back in the day...I also like doing comedies as a marathon because you can get through a season super fast! I didn't initially watch Big Bang Theory, so that was a fun Season 1 marathon as well.

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Apr 5, 2010 8:20PM EDT

I guess this is a comment more suited for Rachel's column, but I gave up on (aka "broke up with") Grey's way back when Meredith hit her head and fell into the lake (or whatever the heck it was) back in like '07.I think I need to start marathon-ing Chuck -- I'm so out of the loop!

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