New Amsterdam Premiere: Forever Young

New Amsterdam premiered last night, featuring yet another man who has some sort of strange condition, giving him a very different and intriguing purpose in life, following suit with Journeyman and Eli Stone and a bit with Life.

NBC's new fall drama, Life, falls in with the fact that New Amsterdam's main character, John Amsterdam, is a cop much like Life's Charlie Crews who for some reason, has a very different and excellent approach to his work that takes him a step above the rest.

As for Journeyman and Eli Stone, John Amsterdam shares this revelation of strangeness in his life that makes the plot.

For Dan Vasser in Journeyman, it's that he is suddenly time traveling with the purpose of helping certain people and himself.

In Eli Stone, it's that main character and lawyer, Eli, starts having visions that lead him to cases where he's supposed to help the people (this is "technically" because of a brain aneurysm).

And now in New Amsterdam, we meet John who was alive as a Dutch soldier in 1642 who saved a Native American woman who put a spell on him to give him immortality. This immortality would last until he found his one and only true love, and then he'll be mortal with her.

So this show is far from any sort of copycat of any of these other new shows, but it brings in that same kind of mystic element and purpose that the others share.

The pilot introduced us to John's past, which was admittedly cool to see how it came to be, then how it progressed, including him having a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom from many, many years, but also a sense of hopelessness about actually finding this "one."

But he does find her in this premiere episode - kind of. When chasing a murder suspect, he runs into the New York subway, where "the one" gets off a train, making his heart feel like it's going to explode, just as the Native American woman told him. This leads to the woman (who's a doctor) taking him to the ER, and then having to declare him dead, because, well, he seems to be.

Now there's not many a premiere where the main character wakes up from the dead - except for Pushing Daisies, but New Amsterdam is of course an entirely different story!

So now John is left to figure out who this woman is, since he didn't exactly figure it out while he was around her being "dead" and all.

This seems like a really fascinating premise that could make a truly excellent and very addictive show.

But I'm curious to see what the plot and focus will be as we've already learned most of his history, how his "powers" work, and even met "the one" who he's been on a long journey to find since 1642. My guess is we'll keep getting flashback moments which will fill in more and more of his past, and he'll very slowly work towards this woman, and maybe even wrestle with actually wanting mortality, though it seems now he desperately does.

New Amsterdam is definitely one to watch, so don't miss out on the next all new episode this Thursday, March 6th, on FOX at 9/8c!

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New Amsterdam Premiere: Forever Young


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