Jurassic Fight Club Premiere Reviewed

The History Channel's new series, Jurassic Fight Club premieres tomorrow, Tuesday July 29th at 9/8c.

Digging into the pre-screener copy for the series, I was looking forward to all the excellent CGI work bringing the dinosaurs back to life, or rather, an even better form of life since computer technology makes everything cooler, which would seem to be the goal in reenacting prehistoric fights between gigantic, scary teeth-wielding beings.

And yes, the CGI definitely delivers, but the rest of the goods were not quite as expected.

In the premiere, we follow paleontologists' discoveries that Madagascar's own T-Rex, the Majungatholus, not only fought each other, but possibly - or rather probably - ate each other too, as described in History's pilot episode guide:

"Majungatholus versus Majungatholus. Scientists uncover the first authentic case of dinosaur cannibalism. Paleontologists look deep into the brain cavity to give science new insight into their behavior, then by studying the behaviors of modern animals, experts recreate a scenario of what occurred when a male Majungatholus went in search of a mate, but found a non-receptive female who was more interested in protecting her young, than mating."

Now that makes for some good CGI fights between these re-created Majungatholuses! But, I must say, the hyping up of this series as this "fight club" is disappointing.

But, as a History Channel series, a quality educational value is expected and certainly a lot of what viewers are looking for as well. So in that case, the show delivers overall - if you're a dino-nerd or just think prehistoric history is intriguing, this series is certainly a must-see.

For those not as big of history buffs, this may not be for you as it's not quite as quickly paced and story-oriented as other currently popular theme History or Discovery channel shows like Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch.

So, if you are dino-psyched, check out Jurassic Fight Club Tuesdays at 9/8c on History (beginning August 13th, tune in Wednesdays at 10/9c), and if you get the Jurassic fever, don't forget to enter SideReel's Jurassic Fight Club Giveaway!

Photo and assets courtesy of Electric Artists, Inc.


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