Top Chef: A World of Pure Imagination

On this week's Top Chef, the chefs were confronted with Padma saying, "If you don't know this guy, get out," when it came to their guest judge, Daniel Boulud.

And not only did the chefs all know who he was (or not admit it if they didn't), but two of them, Richard and Ryan, have actually worked for him before.

Despite Richard and Ryan knowing Chef Daniel Boulud's style, they didn't measure up in the quick fire as Dale took the win.

Then the chefs moved along to the elimination challenge - Film Food. They were paired up and told to pick a movie to create a theme for a five-course meal that was going to be presented to the judges, Chef Boulud, plus film critic Richard Roeper, and actress Aisha Tyler.

While the chefs all scrambled for ideas, we had Ryan and Mark teamed up, who didn't exactly mesh on their movie tastes or knowledge, Mark being from New Zealand, and Ryan being quite American and not very understanding. But Ryan had a pretty awesome idea, when it came down to it, to go with A Christmas Story, ready to re-create the classic Christmas dinner where the family ends up going out for Chinese after some disasters with their turkey.

Their dishes and ideas were well-liked by the diners, especially judge Te Allen, but they didn't cut it for the top two.

The most inspired and well-executed ideas and meals went to Richard and Andrew with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Lisa and Stephanie for Top Secret!

The Willy Wonka theme was great, and went off really well with their yummy foods and especially the creative foamy pear drink and odd, yet genius, food combinations. Now, this presentation was nice, clever, and professional from Richard, but Andrew was dying to pull out a whole song-and-dance by dressing up like an Oompa Loompa.

Yeah... usually Andrew's shannagans are hilarious, but sadly, this one was a little lame, and Richard wasn't afraid to say so. Considering Andrew's somewhat brash humor, it's probably for the best, though his impressions while practicing were still a good time.

And, apparently Richard was right on with his ideas for the whole deal as it led to their win, and the individual win going to Richard.

Now, he's really coming out early as a gigantic threat, and it looks like next week, he might be getting in trouble for this. Already this week we had Zoi losing it because there was no way that she was sticking around if what the judges wanted was these fluffy bizarre drinks and out-there food combos.

While this would seem Zoi would be in trouble, the previews teased much more of Richard faltering, so we'll see!

As for the casualty of the night, we lost the very sweet and talented, yet not up to par, Manuel. He made the mistake of letting his teammate, Spike, take the lead by just wanted to go with Vietnamese food and therefore picking a movie - so cleverly Good Morning, Vietnam, just for the sake of the kind of food. Clearly, not the way to go.

Hopefully this will put Spike's over-confidence a bit in check, and it should be interesting to see now who becomes the next threats as Richard may be slipping, and Dale seems to start to lose his cool with the group!

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