House's "Wilson's Heart": The Finale of the Season

*"Wilson's Heart" Spoilers Included!*

Best season finale ever in the entire history of TV? Well, maybe not quite, but I will say last night's House season finale is up there.

I could be biased because I like finales that make me cry and break my heart, but I'm pretty sure both parts of the finale can claim the title of mind-blowing episodes.

On last week's Part 1 of the finale, "House's Head," we got an amazing peek into, well, House's head, where he worked through the mystery of how and why he was on that bus in the terrible crash, and why he had the nagging feeling there was someone he had to find and treat.

Even with Amber's softened personality from dating Wilson, she wasn't particularly a well-loved character, but hey, that didn't mean we wanted her put in mortal danger by bus!

While House was trying to remember if he was having an affair with the love of Wilson's life, he was also showing how very dedicated he is to Wilson's friendship as for once, House actually got emotionally involved in a case.

Now, House has done some ridiculous things, but electric shocks to the brain while he has a head injury? How on earth did Wilson and Chase actually go along with that?

I guess saving Amber sounded worth it, but I did love the scene of House asking Wilson if he was really asking him to risk his life for Amber's and yes, yes Wilson was.

I saw this as Wilson knowing House wanted to do it, and also that House is a tough cookie, much more so than Amber despite her CB history.

With the jumps from diagnosis to diagnosis getting more and more hopeless, it became pretty clear that Amber wasn't meant to make it through this, but still the conclusion that she really wouldn't was tragic.

To die for getting on a bus to help your boyfriend's drunk friend, and from the mix of the crash and taking some little pills for the flu? Now if anything sounds tragically unfair, that certainly does.

How is it that a young doctor in love there by chance wouldn't make it while a miserable (genius) drug addict would?

Well, because it makes beyond excellent television.

The writers of this episode definitely should be applauded because realizing Amber's fate was absolutely tragic, it being House's fault and him actually feeling guilt was tragic, but this episode would not have been such an award winner without one of the most tragic moments ever of Wilson saying goodbye to Amber.

Death = really sad. The person finding out she's going to die the moment the machines are turned off and having to say goodbye forever to her love right there = wow, I'm balling now.

The best part of this goodbye scene was how sweet and sad it was without going over the top. This is still House, after all, so over the top sappy drama isn't right at all.

This honest and sweet ending was really touching and beautiful, and quite a send-off for Amber from the show. So much for the CB we got to know and hate.

Now, what will this mean for House and Wilson? Wilson's heart is broken to a bazillion pieces because House got drunk, and Wilson wasn't home.

Will Wilson be angry with House? With himself? Will House change? This definitely opens up for a very different Season 5!

Weigh in on the episode question of the week:

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May 21, 2008 4:59PM EDT

Wow! I'm gripped! Really? Wilson & CB? No way!! I'm in the UK and we're only at when CB & 13 got fired (and 13 got re-hired - I think, will see it Thursday) but OMG!! I could watch it all here but then I think that'll spoil it........ then again...... what to do????? :0)

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