SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Moms, Part 1 - Featured

Family Guy - Lois Griffin

There are a rare and precious few moms who can be cool, hilarious, hot, and good mothers all in one, but Lois Griffin is one of these lucky few. Sure, she's an animated character on TV, but hey, she's allowed one flaw, right? So what makes Lois such a cool, funny, and good mom? It's the little things: she reads her daughter's diary out loud to the family as a joke, she manages to survive and still love her sweet little baby constantly plotting to kill her, and she gives her kids good life lessons like while you should wait to have sex, sometimes "rattlin' around just right is tops."

Gilmore Girls - Lorelai Gilmore

Speaking of cool, funny, and good moms, Lorelai most certainly ranks up there. Lorelai started her mothering days as a confused and scared 16-year-old, then went on to be a wonderful, supportive, independent, and truly excellent mom. Her ability to be best friend and mother to Rory made for one of the greatest mom-daughter relationships of its day (or ever) on TV.

Friday Night Lights - Tami Taylor

Tami is one of the most sweet yet real moms on TV these days as she juggles her home life with her husband, baby, teenage daughter, and her busy work life. Yet in all that, while she's wonderfully supportive, she also is no supermom which I appreciate in comparison to the TV moms of the good ol' days. No, real women cannot work all day, come home and make dinner, run 5 school committees, and keep a smile on their faces. Tami is an excellent, understanding, and honest mother, all the while reminding her family, and us viewers, that moms are human (and should be) too!

The O.C. - Kirsten Cohen

Kirsten is kind of the super rich O.C. version of Tami Taylor as she was an awesome wife and mom, a great friend to those from her ex-boyfriend/neighbor to her foster teenage son, or anyone else who happened to wander through her home. She kept up a stressful job, plus often, but not as realistically, reminded everyone this was not easy. Kirsten knew just when to tell her teens something "big" was going to blow over, and when to tell them they needed to call the cops because killing someone even by accident wasn't a usual blow-over teen issue. With all that O.C. drama, a big fav TV moms thanks to Kirsten for (kinda) keepin' it real for us!

That 70's Show - Kitty Forman

Kitty Forman was among TV's first truly awful/awesome moms. She cared deeply about the well-being of her children, didn't judge her children's bad decisions that didn't really matter, and knew far more than her sweet curly hair and smile let on, until she burst forth with a snarky comment or five. She was the perfect balance of sarcastic and sweet mother who was always prepared to be the shoulder to cry on, or the voice of unwanted reason.

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Default avatar cat
May 9, 2009 8:15AM EDT

go lorelai!
also do not forget karen from one tree hill and maybe susan from desperate housewives. but karen definitely ranks up here.
good list so far, though :P

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2009 2:14PM EDT

I think lorelai has to be everyones favorite cos shes so awesome!And im really glad that Tami is up there! i think she has to be the most realistic mother ever shown on tv! cant wait for the next part.

Hidden profile
May 9, 2009 5:25PM EDT

Lorelai definately!!!!!!

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2009 6:36PM EDT

pretty good so far but lorelai is the best but my favorite out of any tv show is karen from one tree hill :]]

Default avatar cat
May 10, 2009 8:56AM EDT

My favourite would have to be Nora Walker from B&S. Love her!

Default avatar cat
May 10, 2009 10:16AM EDT

Margaret Scully now there's a supporting mother. I definitely agree with Lorelai. Karen's a good suggestion.

Default avatar cat
May 10, 2009 12:08PM EDT

karen would be ranked up there too [from OTH] <3and i luv kirsten and lorelai <3

Default avatar cat
May 10, 2009 4:39PM EDT

What about Marge Simpson? she should be on there. Also Nancy Botwin from weeds... not the best mother ever but she'll do anything for her kids.

Default avatar cat
May 12, 2009 12:58PM EDT

Kirsten Cohen.what about Joyce Summers?

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