House is Back: "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Finally House is back! This is definitely a show worth waiting for, but I'm sure all fans would agree we'd like to never do it again... that is until these next 3 new episodes wrap up the season and we have to wait until fall.

But for now, more House it is, and House himself was most definitely in prime form for his return!

We've seen many times over the seasons that House is far from invincible as he's fought his leg problems, his addictions, and his general constant bad attitude-ness. Okay, so he never really tried to work out his attitude, but we really wouldn't want him to - that is unless his nasty attitude is caused by syphilis - what??

While House's team has interfered with his life and health many a time, it turns out they may really save him this time. Or, wait, hang on... House was just playing another trick on them by labeling someone else's blood his own.

I'm pretty sure he's pulled that before, so you'd think his previous team members would recall that and not really believe anything until they drew House's blood themselves and took it to the lab.

So turns out while House's patient of the week, Mr. Nice Guy, was probably so very nice because his personality was altered by neurosyphilis, House's nasty personality was not. But really now, if super niceness is a symptom of some awful disease, shouldn't it be true that House's meanness is too?

But then wouldn't CB's meanness and Wilson's niceness be symptoms too? So, maybe personality extremes are only symptoms when you wind up in the hospital from eye twitches and passing out.

As it were, the team got the "fun" of worrying about House changing as he pretended to get better from this "syphilis" and started treating them like people who deserved respect. Chase got the "fun" of freaking out over whether or not Cameron slept with House, and House had his fun messing with his team until CB had her fun messing with House by telling the team the truth.

I have to say, though, I was disappointed in Wilson for actually telling CB about House faking syphilis - what relevance did that possibly have to any conversation they would've had? Sure, Wilson's a pushover and he's in love, but it just seems there are still things that just stay in a friendship and Wilson would be considerate of House's requests.

Sure, not telling your girlfriend about your friend faking syphilis is kind of a strange thing to keep a promise about, but then doesn't that make it a strange thing to tell her about too?

But anyway! Wilson's whimpiness led to much more humor for the episode as House realized through a conversation with Chase that he could work out a friend-timeshare with CB so he wouldn't have to deal with her.

This got a little out of control, but overall was hilarious as House and CB stood their ground as circling dogs, as Wilson "lovingly" told them, fighting over Wilson's weekends and weekday curfews. Really?? And then of course, Cuddy was pulled in to make calls on this "Wilson schedule."

Oh, House. You couldn't have a normal friendship if you tried.

So, as it turned out, CB and House weren't good at sharing, House's fake syphilis was exposed, and Mr. Nice Guy's syphilis was also exposed as not syphilis, but a parasite from his travels in the peace corps.

Phew, turns out people really can be that nice! Okay, so apparently this parasite could still have effected his personality, so still a bummer for the wife, but hopefully for their fictional future, everything works out.

Now next week we can look forward to House kidnapping a soap star, because, well, he's sick... right? I mean the soap star, not House. Well, House too, but that's the way we love him!

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Apr 29, 2008 8:32PM EDT

I think it stinks how they really have an incomplete season because the seasons are supposed to be 24 hours long (24 seasons) and season for is missing 8 more episodes to complete it...

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