Heroes: Who's Who in 'Angels and Monsters?'

Just as I'm sure the writers intended, it's difficult to determine with this week's episode title of "Angels and Monsters" just who the angels are and who the monsters are these days on Heroes.

Since the season theme is "Villains," it had seemed we'd basically spend the season meeting those Level 5 villains who escaped and seeing our heroes continue to work out how to save the future of the world.

But instead, we're seeing some of our heroes turn villains before our eyes, while the rest, if not turned into villains, are struggling with how they can possibly do good without some evil along the way with all the complications of the world and their powers.

This week was pretty much all hell breaking loose - as if it hadn't before - as Peter returned from the future very altered as he'd taken on Sylar's powers which he definitely doesn't know how to control, leaving the Sylar of the present to be the good Petrelli son in saving Angela from Peter - madness!

Angela Petrelli called on Hiro to help find the formula, leading to Adam Monroe's return, which this week only led to more trouble instead of answers as Adam disappeared with some probable villain while Hiro and Ando were left to fend for themselves, signing up to be "bad asses." And to prove to Daphne and feeds-off-fear guy that he's bad ass, Hiro did what now? Stabbed Ando in the chest with a sword!

I get Hiro had the greater good at stake here and is probably planning to go back in time to right this situation and save Ando, but that's still a pretty nasty thing to be able to do to your friend, especially when I do recall Hiro couldn't even stab the evil Sylar when given the chance! Has even the adorable Hiro turned a bit villain/monster?

Meanwhile, Claire began to show her fightin' side as she went off to find the villains in HRG's file, only to run into her dad at a villain's apartment - and guess who daddy's new partner is!

It looks as if this is definitely Claire turning into her future self who goes after the bad guys and who loses faith in her fellow heroes, and probably her dad as well.

But the most changed hero of all besides Peter in this episode was definitely the one who only just became a hero... a hero gone wrong - Suresh. Wow has he changed fast! It looks as if he is indeed very "The Fly"-like as Maya unfortunately discovered and will continue to experience since Suresh pulled her into his web - literally.

I'm assuming someone will discover soon that Suresh has gained powers, but I'm not sure yet how this will tie in with the rest of the storylines - thoughts?

We were left with a much more grim scene than that of Suresh's web of people as we visited the fishy Angela Petrelli once again after we saw her have a little time chatting with Nathan about what happened to Peter - and this time, Nathan experiences it firsthand.

And oh, Peter attacking Nathan and Tracy is the least of the Petrelli evils as we then discovered none other than Papa Petrelli who froze Angela in place, leaving it unclear if she really saw Peter's attack on Nathan and Tracy or if that was in her head from Mr. Petrelli and his partner, Maury Parkman, aka the Bogeyman.

So it turns out it's Mr. Petrelli controlling the Linderman situations, which is really Maury Parkman's mind control abilities messing with the minds of those seeing Linderman.

So what is Petrelli's big plan? Get the formula and take over the world? I'm sure it's much more complicated, but I wouldn't say that's all that far off... wow we have a lot to look forward to after this revelation!

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Oct 14, 2008 3:31PM EDT

This was an awesome episode, I can't wait to see if Hiro saves his bf Ando. But it does look as if everyone is turning a bit evil in some way.


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Oct 14, 2008 5:07PM EDT

I'm guessing that when Daphne will be out to get Suresh to be with Papa Peterelli's "Army", that would be the entrance of Suresh into the storyline. But I could be wrong.

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