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The Office has been my favorite comedy for some time, but now that I've finally caught on to the hilarious phenomenon that is 30 Rock, I've found myself still enjoying The Office every week, but laughing a whole lot more while watching 30 Rock right after it. That lethal Lemon-Donaghy combo just might be too much for the Michael-Dwight-Jimbo crew!

The Office used to be full of a lot more laugh out loud moments, and though I still think the episodes are very good, I feel as if 30 Rock is really trumping The Office as the best comedy on NBC's "Thursday night, comedy done right," line-up.

So what do you think? If you're a fan of The Office, do you still find it bringing you side-splitting moments? And if you're a fan of both, which do you think is your fav for comedy night?



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Mar 14, 2009 1:22AM EDT

Mrs. Kendra , uv nailed what i was thinkin right on the head. Ill keep this short.
I LOVE the Office, seen every episode at least twice thanks to sidereel(woot!)and iv also seen every episode of 30 rock, which iv just recently caught on to like yourself. when it comes to new episodes on thursday the office is great , though something about watching it on my computer makes it better, i ono maybe u just catch the details better..... anyways as soon as 30rock comes on i myself also seem to be laughing harder.....i mean the episode "goodbye my friend was gold" il always love the office and as far i know will always be number 1 comedy,........BUT 30 rock is defiantly a contender

by the way iv been krackin up on the scene in 30 rock where Tracys on larry king live and tell him he hides soo much money he wouldnt know if it was gone....Larry king asks "now why would u tell me that" Tracy responds in that casual " I donno" lol lol

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Mar 15, 2009 1:57AM EDT

I have been saying the same thing for WEEKS! I love the office but 30ROCK hands down is funnier.I had never really watch 30ROCK on TV because of the actors I saw playing in made me feel it would not be funny. But Tracy Morgan adds a flavor to the cast that kills me everytime.

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Mar 16, 2009 6:11AM EDT

You're right Kendra... the problem with The Office is that although it is very funny, they can't change it around very much because it is just supposed to be some average people in a boring job (selling paper is possibly the most boring job a person could have), in an even more boring town, being followed around by cameras. That's why the English version only lasted for two, very short seasons. It was very successful, but they knew that if they carried on for much longer, people would have started to get a bit bored of it. That's why Ricky Gervais took it to America instead of continuing it in England.
Although, 30 Rock is set in a studio with psycho characters like Tracy, Jenna, Kenneth, Frank, and the two stars, Liz and Jack Donaghy. They have a lot more freedom to go to more places and bring in more guest stars like Salma Hayek, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Jerry Seinfeld & Larry King.

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Mar 20, 2009 5:47AM EDT

i agree kendra, i adore the office and have always watched 30 rock, but lately i feel Liz and the crew have pipped past the post for me.......which in english means 30 rock for me these days is slightly better! The Office is still great though.
atowari - The UK Office was always going to last just two seasons and finish with a xmas special completing the story like in the early 90's of BBC comedy. Six episodes is standard for a BBC2 comedy series or even a channel4 show for that matter. Gervais wanted to create a comedy that would stand the test of time such as his old favourite Fawlty Towers. He did the same with Extras.

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Mar 24, 2009 1:32AM EDT

I thought 30 Rock's 3 joke humor (tracy is crazy, Jack is a Right wing stereotype, and Liz is pathetic) got old during the 2nd season. Literally every joke is based on one of those things. Im just tired of it--- Tracy does still make me laugh but its getting harder for him to outdo each week.
I thought it was never as good as the critical acclaim it got but without any quality comedies out there these days, it is one of the best on the air right now.
The Office is much deeper a show and has survived with out the gimmick of big name star cameos.....geez it seems like 30 Rock has used them as a selling point on almost every episode lately...
I think The Office is a better show overall and will go down in history as the classic worthy of a place in the TV comedy Hall of Fame.
30 Rock seems like its has always been a little too popular with the critics....which makes normal people like me wonder why they are trying so hard to get people on the band wagon....
The Office was like the team of no names that banded together and won the championship....which is always a great story.... while 30 Rock seems like the team who uses lots of money and big stars to buy a championship....some people will always be turned off by that....
I dont know--- I like both but i truly think The Office is the better show overall....even if its not as exciting and new as it was a couple of seasons ago.....

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Mar 26, 2009 6:31AM EDT

Having just watched the last 2 seasons of The Office again..... its is no contest...
The Office is 10 times the show that 30 Rock is....
30 Rock is a few shallow laughs that you forget 5 minutes after the show is over--- The Office grabs you from so many emotional angles and the laughs have depth and meaning---
One is a simple Sitcom and one is a show that is bigger than a simple genre-- The Office makes you laugh for sure but a times your eyes well up or you look away as the train wreck that is Michael Scott goes on one of his tears--
The whole staff is built of original characters that mirror life's real human staffing--
30 Rock is Hollywood and wooden--- funny to be sure at times, but never any more--
The Office wins a place in my personal TV Hall of Fame not long after winning a place in my heart......

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