Survivor: Micronesia Gets Blur-tastic

It seems as if the goal of many a Survivor challenge is just to see how blurry things can get in wet, rainy (it is always raining), muddy challenges as bikinis malfunction and guys losing weight Survivor-style can't keep up those shorts.

Survivor: Micronesia has unabashedly followed suit.

Last season on Survivor: China, Amanda was sweet and charming and in her first wet and muddy challenge, proved that she was willing to run to the "end-zone" topless for the sake of winning the game... but of course declared mid-run, "My mom is going to kill me!"

But we've learned Amanda's not really that sweet of a girl after some of her manipulations throughout the game in China, and now on the favorites team for Survivor: Micronesia, she's joined the ranks of Survivor coupledom and girls who flirt to get ahead.

Oh and no, she didn't buy a more secure swimsuit this time. I guess she decided for more rainy and muddy challenges (like the madness of the football-style challenge last night) that distracting the poor boys on the other team was way more worth it than keeping her modesty. But hey, whatever gets you further in the game, right?!

But enough judging. This week the favorites thought they could step up their game with plans of not being overconfident, but after winning the reward challenge, they didn't quite pull through when elimination time came around. And shame on them considering they got to sleep cozily while the reward-less fans suffered through a sleepless, wet stormy night!

This tribal council sentence sent the entire favorites tribe into a major tizzy. Cirie was supposedly part of an alliance with Jonathan, Eliza, and Yau-Man, but she realized very quickly that she really was the swing vote being on the outskirts of Jonathan's alliance with the wooing of the couples alliance (Parvati, James, Ozzy, and Amanda) coming on strong.

But Cirie, in her wonderful stubbornness, decided that this didn't mean she should just pick a side and vote with them, but that she really could entirely influence one group or the other with who she thought should go. And, though I love her, as a huge Yau-Man fan, it looks like time to abandon my Cirie love.

Okay, so she really did the smart thing because the reason Yau-Man has such big fans is because he's amazing at everything in the game, truly is a survivor who knows what to do out in the "wild," and he's just plain adorable all the time! So Cirie's goal was to get Yau-Man out because he was an enormous threat, and if he can get an immunity idol or get to the individual challenges, they're all going to be in trouble.

So smart move, Cirie, and very impressive use of your swing vote to entirely change one group's vote and get what you wanted! But it's still sad to see Yau-Man's chance at winning go.

This will probably mean even more of a split for the favorites team instead of making them finally come together to win a challenge already. With all the egos and conflict going on, the fans just may be in luck for some more wins!

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Survivor: Micronesia Gets Blur-tastic


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