Entourage Season 6, Episode 4: 'Running on E' Review - Featured

While I'm still skeptical about Entourage's renewal for a 7th season, after last night's episode, 'Running on E,' I'm feeling less skeptical about this 6th season having an entertaining plot.

In the premiere episode of Season 6, it seemed like this season was set up as a very separate and lonely time for the gang. But, while the guys are finally growing up and going some different directions with their lives, thankfully they're still spending plenty of time together which has always been the best part of the show.

This week, Vince found out production on his next film was delayed for three months, so he had lots of free time to do whatever he wanted... except he had no one to do it with. While this part went along with the less than promising premiere theme that the gang was getting too busy for each other, they at least spent a good amount of time together talking about how they were all busy, and talking on the phone about various dramas that keep them all connected.

The most annoying part of this episode was E's continued strained relationship with Ashley who continues to be far too young and skeletal-looking to be on the show, much less have a natural relationship with E, even though he is a small guy. Not only does she look awkward, her acting and their chemistry on the show feel very awkward, and it's pretty unclear why the writers think this is a good girlfriend choice for E.

But actress complaints aside, not only did E's relationship seem weird in this episode, but his career decisions as well. Sure, it's been clear that Vince is E's only real promising and successful client, but I'm not sure why the writers felt E's business should crash and burn, though by his own choice. I guess someone decided him having other clients was no longer interesting, but it seems like his decision to give up on his business was anti-climatic.

E's anticlimactic storyline aside, the Drama and Turtle storylines were pretty fun with Drama trying to find a love interest for his show, leading to Jamie agreeing to the job, despite Turtle's awkward feelings about the situation.

But, while all that was fun to watch, the best storyline as usual went to Ari! After lots of little story bits around Ari's partner Andrew's affair with a young junior agent, Lizzie, (or as I call her, Taylor from The O.C.), the disaster came to a head this week.

While Ari thought he convinced Andrew (twice) that he needed to end his affair, after a slightly ridiculous guest appearance by David Schwimmer including him trying to sleep with Lizzie, Andrew took Ari's latest inspiring speech as time to leave his wife instead of his mistress.

Whoops. And of course, this led to trouble at home for Ari who arrived at home right after hearing from Andrew about his stupid decision to find his own wife on the phone with Andrew's wife who told her that Ari advised Andrew to leave her.

Oh, Ari. Is it sad that this only makes me excited for the hope of yet another amazing scene of Ari storming into the office yelling in his Ari-tastic way??

For the first time this season, I'm excited to see what the next episode brings for the gang, especially Ari! So what did you think? Was this episode a big improvement for the season or do you think Entourage is still "running on E?"



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Aug 3, 2009 3:43PM EDT

Love the show, really liked the episode... no way in hell I would lend my girlfriend to Drama, but then again Turtle and him have shared their intimate moments together.. (Sundance :D)
Funny how you call her Summer, given that the actress' name is Autumn (another season) and she played Taylor on the OC :D


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Aug 3, 2009 4:29PM EDT

@AlbZ - oops, OC name mix-up fixed, thanks!

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