American Idol's Final 2 Revealed!

Oh the shocker of the American Idol 7 final two!

Last night we had the drawn out elimination episode to cut the final three Idols down to the final two, which revealed just what we suspected: David vs. David for next week's finals!

Syesha definitely saw this coming with her lack of shock at her elimination, but it was clear she was still hoping for the best as she looked pretty nervous throughout the night.

I guess we'd all be anxious if we had to sit around for an hour just to hear if we were cut from our dream or not.

It was kind of cool to see each of the final three get the chance to go home and feel the support of their hometown fans, though also as suspected, American Idol fans can get a bit creepy!

They're on reality TV, kids, they're not actual rock stars... yet. Even so, everyone was a bit out of hand for these contestants, though I'm sure it felt really good to each of them to get such great support. In fact, we saw how great it was for them as we saw each one by one losing it to tears - even our rocker David Cook!

But at the end of it, it was sad to see Syesha go since she's had quite the American Idol journey. Really, though, we're all just drooling with anticipation to discover which David will prevail.

David Archuleta fans are really, really ridiculously dedicated to him, so will they be able to get their adorable puppy boy the win, or will the fans of Rocker DC kick Archuleta's teenage butt?

Though Archuleta has an amazing voice, I think (hopefully I'm not jinxing him here) that DC's much more interesting style and personality will take the win.

He has much more hope of being the star Idol hopes to make these kids, so my fingers are crossed for the Cook win!

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