Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: True Blood Reactions & Exciting Reality TV Premieres

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True Blood Premiere Reactions

As is often the case with premiere episodes after a dramatic cliffhanger-packed finale, this season premiere of True Blood had to deal with a lot of not-as-dramatic follow-up... but really, when it comes to True Blood, even the "dull" follow-up is downright fantastic, sexy, and still pretty darn dramlicious! While some of the story dragged a little bit, we still had a fully naked Eric, a sexy Sam fantasy about Bill of all people, Bill's badass escape, Tara's (hopefully) almost suicide from Eggs agony, Jason working on getting back to his pre-Christian and pre-Eggs killing self with two girls, and oh yeah - Bill feeding then meeting two seriously scary werewolves! Okay, I take it back - this was a pretty awesome episode! But what did you think? I've seen some mixed reviews today, so tell me if your reaction was that it was all not-so-exciting follow-up or if you thought it was actually great!

What I'm Excited for this Week on TV

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List - I guess I lied when I said in This Week in TV 6/13/2010 that Top Chef is my only reality show these days! One of my ultimate light summer favs is definitely Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List which premieres its 6th season Tuesday on Bravo. Some find that Kathy Griffin's celebrity slam humor rubs them the wrong way, but hey, it's all in good fun, and overall, I think she's hilarious! It's also fun to get this actually real (at least far more so than The Hills!) look at celebrity life that isn't all glitz and glamor all the time. She purposefully includes all her embarrassing moments of people and celebrities not knowing who she is (note the show title), and isn't shy to show the rough points in her life too. Overall, it's a pretty real reality show filled with humor, so why not have a little summer fun with Kathy!

Top Chef: Washington D.C. - Top Chef is one of my top reasons (besides True Blood) that I actually look forward to summer TV. This one premieres Wednesday on Bravo at an all new time, 9/8c, so don't miss it if you're a fan used to that 10/9c slot! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the new season plays out in D.C. as just like all cities so far on Top Chef, it has its own flavors and style that I'm sure they'll incorporate into the challenges nicely. But really, I'm just dying to know if they'll get to cook at the White House or if at least Michelle Obama will make an appearance!

What are you most excited for this week on TV?

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