Chuck Versus the Alma Mater: Super-Secret Agent Man

On last night's Chuck, our geeky James Bond got a pretty interesting spin on peace with his destroyed college career and friendship.

Chuck has found spies, guns, and conspiracies pretty common place in his life recently.

But he wouldn't be the sweet, adorable disaster we know and love today if Bryce hadn't saved him from a life devoted to the CIA.

Just imagine if you discovered that "friend" who stabbed you in the back, stole your girlfriend, and got you kicked out of school (cause it's happened to us all) was actually protecting you from your own genius and life sentence to hardcore government service?

Maybe this can bring us all a little peace about our pasts... if only we all had such intriguing lives! But for Chuck, this certainly steps up the plot and back story.

If Chuck was meant to be in the CIA, he may not have the training they'd planned for him, but he still has the brain. That means they could have further plans for him now that he's stuck in the system... and the plot thickens indeed.

Will this lead Chuck to becoming an agent now out of choice or persuasion by officials who could now discover what Bryce did to save Chuck?

Will Chuck and Sarah become the next Brangelina Mr. & Mrs. Smith-style?


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