True Blood 2.1: 'Nothing But the Blood' Review - Featured

In last night's fangtasic True Blood Season 2 premiere, 'Nothing But the Blood,' I was excited to see if who that foot belonged to, what was up with Mary Ann, and where we'd find Sookie in her love triangle!

And in the awesome fashion of True Blood, we got all these answers, but along with them, a whole lot more to wonder about!

We got our answer that the foot did not belong to Lafayette, (phew!) but it wasn't some random person either, but Miss Jeanette, and it wasn't some ordinary, or even vampire-looking, death either. Now we're left to wonder who or what could leave someone looking so horrified, with her heart ripped out, and in Andy's moved car. We've seen strange deaths on TB, but not that strange.

Later in the episode as Sookie and Bill worked through the 'P.S. I have a hot young vampire living with me' issue, Sookie pointed out that they should think about the fact that Jessica could have killed Miss Jeanette in a more violent way than usual for vampires being a newbie, but I don't think it's going to be that easy.

I was glad to see Lafayette wasn't the one dead, but then that left me wondering where on earth he was! And we sure found out, though there's also still plenty there to be uncovered. We found Lafayette chained up with a few other people in a horrible prison-like basement, and it became clear when one of the town vampire-haters joined him and then even more clear when the vampire-hater was mutilated by an angry Eric, that they were in Eric and the other vampires' house and they're probably all those who've wronged vampires. But are they meant to be slaves to be fed on or is there something more to this?

The other most intriguing portion of the episode was the Bill and Sookie interactions around her uncle showing up dead, Jessica, and also their continued hot sex life - which apparently is including lots more bloodiness, but if Sookie thinks it's hot, all the more power to her. But besides all that hot Sookie-Bill action we missed, the other piece of the triangle, Sam, finally got more of a storyline. This time, we got a strange peek into his past with Mary Ann including him having sex with her and her showing off her weird shivering magic, and then him freaking out and stealing her jewelry and money.

We also saw that the present day Mary Ann was clearly trying to hook up Tara with the other guy staying at her place, maybe to upset Sam, maybe not, but she was serious enough to smack her butler for interrupting their first almost-kiss! So now Sam is jealous of that after Mary Ann brought the guy to the bar to make out with Tara, and Sam also returned Mary Ann's money he stole - but it's not what she wants.

So what does Mary Ann want and who/what is she? This show is not focused on sticking to vampires only, but are there going to be all sorts of people with various "powers" popping up?

As I noted in a discussion right after watching the episode (Did you think the Premiere was Fangtastic?), I felt it was a little slow of a start for the season, but now thinking back at everything that happened, it was a pretty packed episode! So were you happy and intrigued by the revelations in the premiere? Where do you think all this will progress from here?



Default avatar cat
Jun 15, 2009 3:56PM EDT

I think it's Maryann, not Mary Beth.

Jun 15, 2009 5:15PM EDT

Yeah it's Maryann.

Jun 15, 2009 6:03PM EDT

Oops, yeah you're right - the True Blood site I checked had Mary Beth, but fixed up now, thanks!

Default avatar cat
Jun 15, 2009 7:22PM EDT

Omg! The season premiere was SO GOOD. I love Eric. If you love the show and you haven't read the books, you really need to do so!! They are FANTASTIC. I have the e-books if anyone wants them! My email is my SN here +! <3

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