Episode Recap: "The Mooch at the Boo"

When Jake disappeared with the daughter of Charlie's new neighbor, a former NFL player, Charlie had to try to cover for him when her father came to Charlie's house looking for her. Meanwhile, Alan was able to get a hot date with the help of Charlie's Mercedes, but things didn't go so well.

Charlie and Alan's mother, Evelyn, went to Dubai for vacation. Alan was supposed to check on the house. He told his mother the house was fine, but he never checked on the house. He said he would probably just need to replace her plants, otherwise she would have no clue that he didn't check on her house. Since Alan was going to be in Beverly Hills to check on Evelyn's house, Charlie asked Alan if he would take his Mercedes to get serviced, and Alan agreed to do that for him.

After Alan left, Charlie went on the balcony and saw Jake hanging off the railing trying to get a good view of the neighbors. Charlie's neighbors were new to the neighborhood, so Jake had never seen them before. Charlie asked him if she was cute, since he figured he was looking for food or looking at a girl. Jake said sarcastically, "No, I'm hanging off the balcony to look at a mutant!" Charlie told Jake that he would help him meet the girl, so they decided to go over to introduce themselves. While Charlie and Jake were introducing themselves to their neighbors, we found out that their neighbors' names were Celeste and Jerome. Celeste was the daughter and Jerome was her father. He was also a former NFL player. Jerome said his nickname was Mad Dog. After Jake found out his nickname, he got frightened of the big guy and had to use the bathroom. Celeste took him inside and showed him to the bathroom. Charlie yelled to Jake, "Lady in the house Jake, put the seat down!" Jerome said to Charlie, "That boy touches my daughter, I'm gonna be touching you!" Charlie looked quite nervous at that point and I believe he also had to use the bathroom.

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