Episode 5: Fence Fiascos

Tragedy struck on this week's Amazing Race as the blondes were eliminated... and robbed of their winnings planned for a shopping spree.

Perhaps it was karma after all that took them out after not only planning to use their millions for shopping but for U-turning Jason and Lorena last week.

Speaking of karma, it looks like that or something like it is catching up with Jennifer and Nathan!

There's nothing fun about watching father-daughter Ronald and Christina fight because she's really getting her feelings hurt, but watching a couple like Jennifer and Nathan fight deserves a good bowl of popcorn and some sort of point system to keep track of who's ahead.

It actually seems like Nathan's a reasonably nice guy (except that I'm pretty sure they're doing this race to repair their relationship since he cheated), but that Jennifer can't handle a lick of stress considering she goes into major freak-out mode constantly.

They were stuck in the first episode as she screamed and cried at their very stubborn donkey... and now this week they really showed some kindness to each other as they ran along the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania telling each other what ugly people they were both becoming.

Oh yeah, and then Nathan yelled and called her names for talking to him during their fence counting... but then she was his baby again when she could rock the stilts after they gave up on the fence.

And all this love and happiness just continues next week as Jennifer declares that she absolutely hates him while their white water rafting! I think I see an "accidental" overboard situation coming!

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