Out of Time: Madness!

It's all happening so fast! Heroes has spun a little bit out of control this week. While I wouldn't call Heroes slow, it usually has a good balance of lots happening with great moments without leaving viewers confused.

I love Lost dearly, but with that show, I've resigned myself to having no idea what's going on ever.

What I've loved about Heroes is being able to follow though still be totally amazed, fascinated, and surprised with what's going on.

They're pushing things along here, I believe for the sake of the writers strike, and it's pushing too much.

The craziness of what's happening to Peter getting into the future of New York where the Shanti Virus is killing everyone is pretty intense as was the craziness going on with Hiro, and Nightmare Man loose in The Company and in everyone's brains... I'm exhausted.

Plus it's been uncovered to West that "the guy with the horned rimmed glasses" is Claire's dad, and Niki's given herself an incurable strain of the virus (which could lead to what Peter's dealing with in the future).

Move over Sylar, we've got much bigger problems! And his name is Adam Monroe. Or... Takezo Kensei. What??

Sure he can heal, but as we struggled with for Peter last season, just how far does that go? And I'm pretty sure it was decided that things like completely blowing up (as Peter didn't do but Kensei did) doesn't qualify as something these guys can heal from.

Can he absorb powers too? And wasn't he supposed to be a part of the previous gang of heroes who are all quite a bit older now?

Well, they promise next week to be full of answers as they push toward the possible early season finale, so maybe some of this will get worked out, but I'm hoping just not too much quite yet!


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