Something's Coming: Drama-licious Disaster-Extravaganza

If there were a word for super-over-the-top dramatic it would definitely apply to this week's tornado-extravaganza Desperate Housewives episode!

First of all, most midwesterners don't freak out and prepare so much for a tornado warning, but considering the massive damage that ensued, I guess it was warranted.

But a couple things were just a too over the top.

For instance... the set up for Lynette not being with her family starting with them somehow having nowhere in their whole house that they could be safe for the storm, then Tom being so allergic to the cat Ida brought to Mrs. McClusky's basement, then both Mrs. McClusky and Lynette running out into the storm.

Oh yeah, and the grill smashing down in the street in front of them, leading them to go hide in Lynette's bathtub under a mattress.

Then Victor shows up with a gun in Gabbie's house where of course Carlos runs into him, and they have a gun struggle in the middle of the street, right as the tornado's coming. And as they run to safety, well actually Carlos leaves Victor when he thinks he's knocked out, but then as Victor comes after Carlos - mind you after the storm was strong enough to pick up a car, but not either of them, Victor is stabbed through the back by a fence post.

Wow, really?

Yes, the drama is always fun, and it's definitely a great episode when you're left with your mouth open and shocked about everything that happened and wondering if people could really be dead... but still, ridiculous.

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