Lipstick Jungle Premiere Review: Early Release on Hulu

Lipstick Jungle won the fight of the Sex and the City wannabes last season, taking down Cashmere Mafia, so now it's ready to prove its worth as the second season starts up!

NBC has decided some pre-released premieres are the way to go with, so the Lipstick Jungle premiere is now available for viewing on Hulu, so dig on in like I did!

Lipstick Jungle Premiere: Pandora's Box

Premiere Review - no spoilers, I promise!

I was very curious about this episode as on the Hulu homepage, the main image was the one above of the three women looking very sad and funeral-esque.

Could this be a funeral for Nico's husband since we saw in the finale that he had a heart attack? Could it be a random "social" event where something significant happens, but the dead person was not particularly important?

I won't reveal the funeral subject since after viewing it, I deem this a very worthy premiere episode of watching yourself, so please no spoilers if you decide to comment after you've watched!

But, yes, it was a funeral that is pretty significant in some way to the main characters.

When Season 1 wrapped up, we were left with Nico trying to break off her affair, then getting the call her husband had a heart attack. He was fine, but their marriage was not. Nico was set on fixing this.

Victory was having her relationship issues with Joe and also trying to work out her own business. And Wendy had plenty of work ups and downs, but in general, her marriage and family life were good except for the massive stresses of being a professional working mother and wife.

So now with Season 2, we opened with the funeral and the three ladies, and then the events before and some after the funeral unfold.

What I enjoyed about this episode:

The plot seems to be... going somewhere. Intriguing! After a short first season, I didn't expect much difference for Season 2, but there are already some big shifts in both the women's lives and the mood of the show which brought a different depth to the show and characters I can tell is going to be enjoyable and interesting. I don't love these characters, but I'm liking them more as we dig into their lives. There were some good surprises and twists in the episode that brought some quality drama that was of course dramatic, but also realistic. The friendships between the women became more real and the states of their lives shifted to set up a good place to have a full dramatic and interesting season.

What I didn't like about this episode:

To be a bit judgmental, Kim Raver (Nico Reilly) looks... weird. Yes she has some emotional scenes which don't always do good to a woman's expressions, but she's looking awfully thin to the point that her face actually looks quite odd and was distracting (to me) from many of her scenes.

On a more important note, this episode set up an interesting new season, but the balance of work and home life doesn't seem to quite work as last season, I felt like I barely knew the women at home and also in their friendships with each other. I enjoyed the Sex and the City style that felt much more personal because, well, we spent a lot more time in their personal lives. I'm not saying women's (or anyone's) work lives aren't valuable and all that actually does bring interest to a show, but it needs to get more personal to last.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this opening episode and am feeling much more attached to these characters - looks like NBC's idea of bringing us this episode early was wise as now I'm looking forward to the season!

Check out the premiere on Hulu and tune in for the official NBC premiere Wednesday, September 24th at 10/9c!

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Sep 18, 2008 9:13PM EDT

Look at that picture closely; there are like 10 shades of highlight in Brooke Shields' hair...!

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Sep 19, 2008 12:35PM EDT

nico's face does look weird, im glad im not the only one who thought that

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Sep 20, 2008 3:02PM EDT

working from home is a very real option in today's corporate world. more than half the people in my firm work from home, but it is not without real, very large challenges. It does not take place at the kitchen table without a computer, fax machine, or headset/loudspeaker phone.
I like this show, and liked the season 2 premiere. But I agree with you, they still have some major bonding to do with the audience.

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