The Office Finale: "Goodbye Toby," Hello Office Gone Wild!

*"Goodbye Toby" Spoilers Included!*

Right after watching The Office finale last night, I was in utter shock from all the utterly shocking Office moments!

The big anticipation for this episode was circulating around the would they or wouldn't they question: would Jim and Pam get engaged??

And yes! Yes they were going to - hooray! But wait... it couldn't be that easy. The "would they or wouldn't they" turned to Michael and the new HR woman, plus Andy and Angela, and Angela and Dwight.

Michael was smitten with the HR woman the moment he saw her, claiming to Jim that he was in love. But the wonder this led to was not Michael making a fool of himself, but instead Jim realizing, as he coached Michael on office love, just how perfect and romantic it'd be to propose to Pam right there at the office where they fell in love.

Aw, Jimmm!! And Jim had the perfect opportunity with a party already set up - all he had to do was spring for (expensive) fireworks to get the mood just right. But, um, Jim, that's really cute, but isn't that a little mean to Toby? Just wait till the poor guy in love with your girlfriend leaves, already.

But Jim went ahead with his perfect romantic plan and oh how thrilling the anticipation was! And oh, to see Pammy light up with that anticipation as she realized fireworks would be just perfect.

So... it was coming... Jim took out the ring... and ANDY! Oh Andy how you've forsaken our JAM bliss! It was fun, though, to call it as Jim pulled out the ring and Andy started to get up.

So horrible, awkward proposal it was for Andy and Angela with an "okay," and no wonderful, glorious, sickeningly adorable proposal for Jim and Pam.

My heart... is broken. Even Kevin's "special" treatment can't cheer me now.

But, I'm sorry, have we not mentioned here that Ryan got arrested for fraud?? Wowzers! Could Ryan be looking at some hard time? (That's what she said.)

And, anddd my friends, the disappointment of JAM was extremely great, but the sadness for Michael was pretty great too - wow to Jan being pregnant and it's NOT Michael's! Michael's stupidity so often reigns, so to see his heart reign here as he turned down the HR woman to be a kind-of-papa was tragic. So sweet, so tragic.

But not so sweet and tragic like JAM and Michael?? DWIGHT AND ANGELA! Yes, folks, the absolute ultimate finale OMG moment! I so love The Office for always creating these totally shocking moments that were yet somehow totally expected.

It seemed so possible for Angela and Dwight to get back together in the finale, but certainly not as a sexy secret after-hours office hookup right after Angela got engaged to another man!

Scandalous! My heart remains broken that we didn't get to see the adorable JAM proposal, but all the rest almost... almost made it worth it. Now they've done their job of leaving us drooling for more all summer!

Give your input on your favorite shocker:

OMG, Office! What was the Best The Office Finale Shocker?

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Default avatar cat
May 17, 2008 9:09AM EDT

Yes, I was also anticipating the glorious JAM proposal. I don't know, compared to the last few season finales, this one kind of left me on the down. Let's recap:
Pam: sad enough she can't even smile in a picture with Toby because she thought Jim was going to propose. Even though now he can do it at a time when she isn't suspecting at all!
Jim: sad because he was SOCLOSE to the finish line and Andy had to go and steal his happiness.
Michael: sadly returning to Jan even though Holly seemed totally into him and actually made him a bit more mature. And sad because he knows he probably won't ever get a chance to be a father.
Holly: sad because Michael gave her the cold shoulder and passed her over to Kevin.
Angela: sad because she felt obligated to accept Andy's proposal, but making up for it sneaking with Dwight.
Kevin: thinks he's going somewhere with the new girl Holly, but in reality she's just overly nice to him because she thinks he's mentally challenged. And, as we saw, with good reason.
Dwight: bittersweet sex with newly engaged Angela.
Ryan: arrested. Pretty funny message left by Jim though.
Toby: leaving Pam and Scranton for Costa Rica. I still loved "Oh, okay. DOES ANYONE HAVE A CAMERA???"
Phyllis: not even Angela's nasty reaction to her could stop her from planning the best party DM has ever seen, but now she has a super-secret to keep from everyone, ESPECIALLY Andy.
Andy: blissfully, stupidly happy. Carrying that ring for six years?!?! Wow. Pretty clever plan though. A bit sad, but that's Andy for you.
It was a pretty enjoyable episode, and I think that the writer's strike had something to do with the onslaught of cliffhangers and shockers that unknowingly awaited the viewers before this episode.
My worst fear is a JAM break-up because Pam thinks Jim is taking things too slow by not proposing. I don't know when the next perfect moment is coming along, but it probably won't happen for a few episodes in the fall. AHH!

Default avatar cat
Jun 5, 2008 8:22AM EDT

when is the fifth series coming out

Default avatar cat
Jun 13, 2008 1:21PM EDT

Now we have to wait until Sept. 25Man oh man i cant wait!!

Default avatar cat
Jun 14, 2008 10:49PM EDT

i am soooo excited for season 5.and i was SO happy with the dwangela reunion at the end, but i thought we were going to be given another jam ending like the past two seasons.the lack of jim/pam engagementness KILLED me!

and what better a character than phyllis to walk in on dwangela, it was perfect.

Default avatar cat
Sep 11, 2008 11:27PM EDT

omf FREAKIN g... this episode was intense... you don't understand how happy I am that I only just watched it about half an hour ago... now I don't have to wait all summer to watch the next episode... but 13 days still feels a lot longer than it normaly would...

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