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Serena's bad taste in boyfriends, tricks, and plans had her take part in a photo shoot she would have preferred not being a part of (see picture above for example). Even if we don't agree with why and how she took part in said photo shoot, we all have to admit that it was about time Serena paid for some of her bad deeds, no?

Before we get to Gabriel and Poppy, let's deal with Serena's arrest. We've known for weeks now that Serena would be arrested in the final episodes of the season (even The CW promo clips showed the event back in January). What we all assumed is that it would be linked to Gabriel's doings. What a surprise to discover that Lily called the cops on her own daughter so she would be arrested for theft and spend a few hours in jail to think things over. Then, Lily would drop the charges and all would eventually go back to the way they're supposed to be.

As I've said in the intro, I think it was about time Serena faced consequences for her actions and choices. She thinks she can do anything and at anytime. I was quite surprised in the first scenes this week to have Lily tell Serena how proud she was of her lately. Say what?!?! You are proud of your girl who went to Spain without telling you and during a school week?! Of course, Lily doesn't know everything her daughter did. We know more than she does, but still...

That said, it looks like I'm not the only one who disagrees with Lily's doings lately. I can understand why she wanted to quietly repay everyone so that Serena wouldn't have fingers pointed at her, and so she, Lily, wouldn't lose face when the investors found out the truth. But it wasn't the right thing to do; calling the cops on Gabriel and Poppy was.

Plus, setting a separate deal to repay Rufus without telling him?!? Hasn't Lily learned this past year that Rufus hates liars? As expected, the truth came out, and Rufus discovered that Lily was lying. He also discovered how Lily thinks it's right for her to have Serena arrested but not have Jenny ride in the backseat of a squad car. I was sad when Rufus told Lily that the setting in the kitchen (for his proposal) was a big mistake, since I've been a Rufus and Lily shipper from the start. But it's clear they don't belong together anymore, at least not right now.

Even if it does look like Poppy was indeed pulling all the strings, I'm still not totally buying what Gabriel told Serena and the gang. He still looks shady to me, and it wouldn't surprise me if Poppy and Gabriel are still working together to con people. I guess next week's episode may tell me if I'm right or wrong about this.

It looked like Georgina really had changed. She wasn't as good as she was before when it was time to lie and manipulate Poppy, and she felt out of place in Upper Eastside clothing and jewelry. But wow, what a change back to her old self at the end of the episode. Actually, I think the change back to her old ways is too fast. I get that she is angry that Poppy stole the money for the Bibles and that Georgina is willing to do a lot to get it back, but the switch between Jesus-loving Georgina to Evil Georgina was too instantaneous to be believable -- at least to me.

Next week is the much talked about spin-off episode. It will be a normal Gossip Girl episode, but featuring flashbacks set in the 80s with a teenage Lily played by Britanny Snow.

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May 7, 2009 1:01AM EDT

Seemingly, everyone gets tangled up in a mess.
Gabriel steals from Serena. turns out everything was a big fake.Dan is worrying about his college finances since Gabriel was his father's investor.Poppy took away Georgina's resources for her Christian Camp.The old Georgina is back on track. the dark track, that is.Serena gets arrested - as wished by her own mother Lily & Rufus gets disappointed.Nate is jealous about Chuck.and the climax..Chuck lets go of Blair. :c

May 7, 2009 9:58PM EDT

I think what really made Georgina turn was when Blair was saying all that stuff to her after Poppy left and Serena got arrested. She made her into a monster again. Yay, more drama!

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2009 5:53AM EDT

The bitch is back everyone. Be careful.Is Gabriel really telling the truth to Serena? Poppy Lifton something is coming at you... be careful. Chuck loves Blair, and decides to let her go, to make her happy. Lily went a step too far, she called the police and arrested her own daughter. Tsk tsk tsk.

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