Episode Recap: "Happily Ever After"

Ah, the aftermath! Last we saw How I Met Your Mother, a long two weeks ago, Ted was left at the altar by Stella. So how has he coped since the unfortunate situation? Is he mad? Heartbroken? Have they spoken since that Dear John letter, or is he avoiding her? Let's find out.

"My first wedding didn't go so well," FutureTed muses. Yeah, no kidding. Something going well though? Ted, apparently, who thanks his buds for helping him get through it that he hardly thinks about Stella now. The only problem is the wedding was yesterday and Ted hasn't addressed anything. But nay, he's ready to start a new chapter, one with Kool and the Gang, and off he goes to the karaoke machine. Lily is concerned about Ted, but Barney suggests maybe he really is happy. That can't be so, she says, and for the next two weeks, the gang tries wholeheartedly (well, maybe except Barney) to "be there for him."

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