Set Visits Reveal Ghosts of Defying Gravity Set Destruction


It's a rare, disturbing sight to watch a television show torn to pieces -- literally.

While on my set visit for Stargate Universe at Bridge Studios in Vancouver, I stayed with the main press tour. It took us from the main stage holding the massive set of the starship Destiny across the expansive lot to a series off small office buildings housing the show's costume shop and editing bays.

The route took us past the sound stage that once housed the production for ABC's Defying Gravity. Of course, the ambitious prime time sci-fi drama was canceled early this fall season. So, the cast and crew were long gone.

The sounds coming out of that distant sound stage were strangely tragic. There was the grinding of band saws, the pounding of sledgehammers and the growling of large cranes -- all working together to tear the show's elaborate sets to pieces.

The workmen engaged in destroying the sets were just doing their job without ceremony. But it was sad watching the end result of a lot of human imagination and hard work turning to debris. When the crane raised a claw-full of wood and Styrofoam out of the sound stage over to a waiting dumpster, I could clearly make out elaborately detailed set dressing ripped to tangled strips of wasted effort.

It just served to remind me that every time you see a show canceled amongst the TV Squad headlines, that's people out of work and dreams of steady work destroyed.

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Dec 8, 2009 1:43AM EST

Dang! I really liked this show... so sad. We need a good sci fi tv show. V is good, but it all happens here on earth.. I miss seeing footage of space, other planets,...*sigh*.


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Jun 19, 2010 2:30PM EDT

I wonder how much of this is to be believed, as last I heard ABC still has yet to say the show is not renewed. Furthermore the claim that the show as "cancelled" last fall was very wrong. So even if there is some semblance of truth to this fictional story I hold out hope that SyFy or someone will pick it up.

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