MythBusters Takes on Viral Videos!

The all new "Viral Videos" MythBusters episode airs on Discovery Channel at 9/8c, so check out tonight's MythBusters challenge!

Viral Videos -- September 3 at 9PM

They're exciting, funny and we can't wait to pass them on to our friends, but can we truly believe every viral video we see? Adam and Jamie try to replicate a popular video where a car is blasted 15 feet into the air with the water pressure from ten fire hoses. Then, they take on a video that shows a tinfoil boat floating inside what looks like an empty fish tank. And Tory, Kari and Grant find out if you can create a cannon using just sawdust and a road flare, and investigate the internet phenomenon of fainting goats.

Video Clip: Floating on Invisible Water

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