Burn Notice 3.4: 'Fearless Leader' Review - Featured

Another great episode of Burn Notice! This week in Fearless Leader, it was time for Michael to see if he could find dirt on Detective Paxson, or if he could somehow prove he was on her side.

From the preview of the episode, it looked like dealing with Paxson would be all fun and games, but that didn't turn out to be the case.

My favorite episodes are when Michael pulls out a great character to play for a job, but even better are those episodes when the whole team puts on a character. While Fi's ditzy, gum-chewing Jersey (or something like that) persona was a little overdone, it was very fun to see Fi, Michael, and Sam all pop their collars, pop on great accents, and play dumb criminals to get the middle manager they needed on their side (all to get Paxson to realize Michael was on her side).

So backing up a bit, Sam and Michael discovered that Paxson, who had stepped up her game with a constant police tail on Michael, had another actual big criminal she kept trying to catch and missing. So Michael figured if he were able to set up her up to catch the bad guy, Matheson, a guy who ripped off drug dealers, then he could be in the clear with Paxson.

And so came the awesome lowlife criminal versions of our threesome, complete with Sam drawing a prison tat on Michael's arm, the group donning gold chains, popped collars, and a black eye and gambling problem for Michael. We even got Fi saying, while twirling her hair and chomping on gum, that she didn't want lobster at a nice restaurant because they look like bugs.

But even better than this ridiculous team of characters? Michael finding a moment where it was actually best to break his character to their middle-management guy, Tommy. Michael knew Matheson didn't care about Tommy, and when he found out Matheson was going to let Tommy and their threesome get killed in their job, Michael realized it was his in to tell Tommy who he really was (kind of), and what they had to do to trick Matheson into finally getting caught, instead of killing them.

This led to a great scene of our threesome holding off some bad guys shooting at the bad guys they were supposed to be helping with plenty of explosions and big guns. Fi had a fun trick of trapping Matheson and company in from the front door with superglue and some sealing work, then Tommy pulled through by blocking the back door with the getaway van until the cops, including Paxson, arrived.

While this event was a lot of fun to watch, I was wondering how all this meant Paxson would be convinced to let up on Michael. Sure, she caught the big bad guy she'd been chasing forever, but how would she know Michael helped without just thinking he was actually trying to help Matheson? Well, that's where the set-up getaway car Paxson recognized along with C4 came in. This led to her suspicions of Michael being there and part of it, and him pointing out that if she tried to link that with him and the other incidents with C4 around the city, her case against Matheson would fall apart. Done and done. Another point for Michael Weston!

But that victory was not the end of things. Also throughout this episode, we had some interesting Michael-Fi interactions including a dinner date promise. The episode wrapped up there, looking very romantic, but ending very sadly as Michael said yes, he got Paxson off his back, but who knew what was coming next. This was the moment Michael was waiting for to get on top of what was going on, and the moment Fi was waiting for to have Michael free. So star-crossed lovers they remain - heartbreaking!

Now at this breaking point where it seems Fi and Michael still can't be together, and Michael has all new issues to dig into, what do you think will come next?


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Jun 26, 2009 4:19PM EDT

easily one of the best episodes, burn notice just keeps getting better. Great show.

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