Hello, I'm Still A Person: Rooster Rules the Coop

On Survivor: China, Todd continues to rule the coop.

Amanda has been a strong, smart player throughout the game, and it was definitely not unwise of her to let Peih-Gee go last night since Peih-Gee's a tough competitor, but really, get Todd out of there!

Amanda could definitely have a great shot at the win, no matter who she goes against - it would just depend if playing nice could beat out Todd if he doesn't get blind-sighted somehow before the finals.

Even though there are plenty people on the jury Todd's screwed over, if he's up against someone who's had more luck than strategy, the jury would vote Todd as the winner for his well-played game.

Denise might have a chance for the win, but her game hasn't been as strong as some others and the jury may feel she's just been going along with others.

Will the remaining women finally get up the guts to take down their ringleader? Will the little snake Courtney make it to the finals?

This is a pretty surprising final four, I have to say!

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